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An excipient is a dormant substance that is used as carrier for a drug or an active substance. Excipients also ensure that the drug is taken to the blood by assisting in the process of osmosis. Lactose, cellulose and gelatin are all types of excipient drugs.

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Educational Lectures

Educational lectures are performed at various rehabilitation centres in the aim to teach them to be aware of the signs and symptoms of their addictions as well as to show them ways in which they can live a drug or alcohol free life.

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Drug Tolerance

Drug tolerance can be defined as the progressive lessening of the effectiveness of a drug due to excessive use. Patients need to use increased amounts to achieve the same high, this is one of the diagnostic criteria for substance (including alcohol) abuse or...

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be described as unwanted physical, pyschological or emotional abuse towards a family member or loved one.

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Disease Model

The disease model is the view or theory that alcoholism or another narcotic addiction is an incurable disease rather than a mental or social problem.

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Chemical Abuse

Chemical abuse: Using chemicals or substances, including alcohol, to such a degree that it interferes with important social, recreational, emotional and vocational functions.

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The California Association of Drinking Driving Treatment Program (CADDTP) is a union of rehabilitation programs that represent and certify treatment programs for people who drive under the influence of alcohol.

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Alcohol Treatment Program

Alcohol treatment programs are designed to help people addicted to alcohol get sober and stay sober. Depending on the severity of alcoholism, treatment may require an inpatient stay, however outpatient meeting and counseling sessions may also be arranged if...

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Alcohol Help

Alcohol help can be divided into three categories: biological help, psychological help and social help. Biological help refers to the use of prescription medication such as sedatives to avoid and manage withdrawal symptoms. If withdrawal symptoms are not managed, it...

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Alcohol Dehydrogenase

When alcohol is metabolised, an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase breaks down the alcohol as soon as it enters the stomach. The enzyme is found in the stomach and liver.

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