Medscheme Medical Aid covers 21 days of inpatient rehabilitation care, including a 3-day medically supervised detoxification.  Medscheme Medical Aid is legally bound to cover addiction treatment as it falls under the premium prescribed benefits (PMBs). This obligation applies to all their medical aid plans, guaranteeing that every member, regardless of their plan, will receive the […]


Multi-Choice Medical Aid Scheme, a trusted and reliable medical aid provider in South Africa, understands the significance of addressing substance abuse disorders. They provide coverage for 21 days of inpatient treatment, which includes a 3-day medically supervised medical detoxification. Multi-Choice Medical Aid has various plans to suit its members’ budgets and needs. Luckily, they are […]

LA Health

LA Health Medical Aid covers 21 days of inpatient treatment, including a 3-day supervised medical detoxification. This coverage is provided by all plans, regardless of their comprehensiveness, but keep in mind that all plans have exclusions, limitations, and benefit caps.  It’s important to understand that LA Health is not just willing but legally obligated to […]


Medihelp Medical Aid Scheme pays for 21 days of inpatient rehab, including a 3-day medically supervised detoxification. Treatment for substance abuse disorders falls under the premium prescribed benefits (PMBs); this means that no matter what plan a member is on, Medihelp Medical Aid is legally obligated to cover a large portion of their addiction treatment […]

Workplace Addiction Treatment

Investing in the mental wellbeing of your employees has far-reaching benefits for both the individual and your company. When staff feel supported, they are more likely to remain in their roles, contributing to a reduction in absenteeism, a decrease in sick leave, and lowered staff turnover. This, in turn, translates to financial savings for your […]


In Limpopo, our commitment to providing outstanding rehabilitation facilities for individuals facing alcohol and drug addictions is unwavering. Our centres offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from detoxification to aftercare, embodying a holistic approach to treatment. We address the multifaceted nature of addiction through medical diagnostics, therapy, and behavioural strategies, while also focusing on […]

Rehab UK

Around 22% of school children between 11 and 15 were reported to having ever taken drugs and 51% to having drunk alcohol in the UK in 2009 according to the National Centre for Social Research and the National Foundation for Educational Research. These results show the need for rehab centre’s in the UK. Rehab centre’s […]

Types of Alcohol Rehab

Estimates suggest that nearly three quarters of a million Americans are receiving alcohol treatment of some kind on any given day. Alcohol rehab is clearly an important issue in modern society. Alcohol treatment has been greatly improved in the last 50 years. Specialised alcohol rehabs are relatively new developments and alcoholics were relegated to the […]

Alcohol Rehab South Africa

If you find that you cannot control your drinking and need help then We Do Recover is able to help you find an alcohol rehab in South Africa that offers high quality care at very affordable rates. You will find that the favourable exchange rate brings luxury alcohol treatment within your reach.  Enjoy the beauty […]

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