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Since 1995 we have operated in the addiction recovery field, leading UK & SA rehabs, founding We Do Recover in 2008 and joining Changes Rehab in 2019 to extend treatment offerings.


    About We Do Recover

    WeDoRecover was started in 2008 by Gareth Carter as an independent advisory service for people and their families to gain access the most appropriate care addiction and mental health services available.

    Our intent is driven by the last step – to carrying the message to others in need.

    1. Help is available
    2. Recovery is possible

    Since 1995 Gareth has worked in the addiction and mental health field in South Africa and the United Kingdom. He is an internationally accredited addiction counsellor and interventionist.

    Gareth presently leads a dedicated counselling team that helps manage and align better outcomes for people seeking treatment for addictions and mental health issues.

    We Do Recover’s approach has been centred on matching the right support and treatment for each individual.

    Addiction is progressive condition, which means that without appropriate treatment, it get’s worse and can be fatal.

    As a person struggling with an addiction finding care services that align to your needs is important.

    For over 16 years we have facilitated the appropriate screening and intake coordination services for thousands of patients admitted to many of the best treatment clinics in the UK, South Africa and Thailand.

    Thousands of patients in South Africa, United Kingdom, Middle East and Europe have trusted WeDoRecover to find the best treatment services for their loved ones.

    In 2019, WeDoRecover merged with Changes Addiction Rehab in Johannesburg, renowned as one of the best rehabilitation centres in South Africa. The dedicated clinical team provides evidence-based treatment. We Do Recover has handled over 200 successful interventions. Changes has treated over 6,000 people addicted to alcohol and other drugs via inpatient and outpatient rehab since 2011.

    We Do Recover’s addiction treatment and recovery projects operate some of the largest volenteer based non-profit recovery communities in South Africa including Relapse Prevention, Recovery Direct and Anxiety SA and Addiction Treatment communities and consults with innumerate independent businesses, organisations, councellors and practitioners from all walks of life and a wide spectrum of topics.

    Our private addiction treatment centres provide you with the best clinical practice, individualised medical care, therapy and counselling to make sure that you or your loved one gets the help they need specific to their physical, mental and social state.

    Gareth Carter is a compassionate addiction counsellor, the only qualified interventionist in Africa and a keen recovery advocate for over three decades. He has dedicated his career to helping individuals overcome addiction and build meaningful lives in recovery. As an avid traveller, Gareth Carter finds inspiration in exploring diverse cultures, immersing himself in nature and documenting his adventures through landscape and portrait photography.

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