Behavioral Addictions

An addiction to a particular activity or behaviour, and not a substance, constitutes a behavioural disorder. These disorders are just as dangerous and life-threatening as alcohol and drug addictions and are not to be disregarded or taken lightly. Problems with eating develop into some of the most life threatening illnesses in the modern world and treatment should be immediate and progressive. We Do Recover specialises in the treatment of the following behavioural disorders:

The extent of the particular disorder is determined by the individual case and We Do Recover specialises in the unique treatment of the above afflictions. Therapy is highly necessary, within the treatment programmes of these disorders, to determine the emotional and situational triggers that have sparked the addiction in the first place.

Group talk, cognitive and behavioural therapy as well as mild exercise and meditation are all aspects of a positive holistic approach to recovery. Continued, extensive care after initial treatment is vital when it comes to behavioural disorders and  a solid support base as well as regular therapy and check-ups, are also recommended.

We Do Recover can provide this support for individuals recovering from life-threatening disorders.

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