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  • Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

    Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

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    • Effective Addiction & Mental Health Treatment
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Rehab services from We Do Recover

How We Do It

Contact is initiated by the client through our website or through one of our telephone lines.

Once an initial addiction assessment is completed, and with your permission, we provide your contact details to the service that can best help you.

We assess which service will best meet your needs and will liaise between you and the service provider.

Whether your addiction is to alcohol, drugs, sex, food (eating-disorders like bulimia, anorexia, overeating, binging and purging), gambling or codependence – We Do Recover can arrange for an immediate admission to the best alcohol rehab clinics and addictions treatment centres in your area.

The service providers we work with are all licensed and registered facilities that provide superb addictions treatment.


We Do Recover does not offer a diagnostic service.

Even though our consultants have specific experience in this field it is not possible to accurately diagnose a problem over the telephone.

The advice that we give is based on our experience within the field of addictions treatment and follows principles of best practice.

Our telephonic conversations are used to understand the nature of your problem and tailor the advice so that it better suits your needs.

Our advice should never be seen as a substitute for psychiatric, psychological, or medical intervention and we strongly encourage our clients to seek face-to-face counselling from practitioners in these fields.

Rather, our advice focuses on helping the patient to find an addiction treatment centre that offers a program that is, in our opinion, clinically sound and within your budget.

Whilst we work only with registered centres that employ quality clinicians, we do not own these centres and so cannot and do not guarantee the quality of your treatment in these centres.

Admission to a rehab centre is not a cure for addiction and we do not make any guarantee that you will be able to stop taking or remain abstinent from the substance.

What We Do To Help You

We Do Recover have found that people often don’t know what resources are available to them when they are faced with addiction.

Addicted people and their families either don’t know about the rehab centres in their area or are confused about which one to choose. We help you to find a centre, make a booking, and get the help that is most suited to your needs.

We have contacts with many different addiction and alcohol rehab centres and know which will be best for your particular situation.

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