Support for Families in Addiction Recovery

Comprehensive support for families, from intervention planning to post-recovery assistance, empowering loved ones with strategies and professional guidance. Our counsellors are here to help you today.



    We Do Recover provides targeted support for families and partners of individuals facing addiction, offering expert guidance through every step of the intervention process. Our services include personalised consultations, intervention planning with skilled professionals and assistance in selecting and arranging treatment options. Our interventionists facilitate constructive discussions aimed at encouraging treatment acceptance, while post-intervention, we ensure ongoing support for both the individual and their family. Our commitment is to empower loved ones with effective strategies and support, focusing on the recovery.

    Help For You

    Rehab might feel like a scary option. However you are here for a good reason. Don’t wait until your life falls apart. Let's chat about some options.

    Help For You

    Help A Loved One

    If you feel as if you are losing someone you love to drugs or alcohol? We can help you find the right support and care to change course they are on.

    Helping A Loved One

    Frequent Questions

    Addiction can become a complex issue, dealing with loved ones and relationships that are in turmoil. We are here to help navigate the path with you.

    Frequent Questions On Addiction

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