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When is an Intervention required?

If you want to try and persuade and addicted or alcoholic loved one to enter a drug or alcohol rehab for treatment an intervention can be a very effective tool.

Addicts are often resistant to admitting they have a problem. This is a part of their condition and a feature of the addictive illness. A group of people focused on drawing attention to the nature of the addiction can have a powerful effect, far more intense than if each person were to approach the alcoholic separately.

Family intervention

Many families will struggle for months trying to get the loved one to agree to enter an alcohol treatment clinic or drug rehabilitation facility. They might try bargaining around which centre, for how long, or even make threats and promises.

If ultimately the alcoholic is steadfast in their illness and refuses to listen to sense please contact us to arrange for an addiction and intervention assessment.

A well planned and professional intervention can successfully challenge the denial and behaviour in the alcoholic and force them to accept that they need to seek help in an alcohol rehab.

Staging an intervention

Capture1 - When is an Intervention required?

Staging an intervention is the most loving thing you can do for a family member one who is in the grip of this progressive illness. Without the appropriate treatment an alcoholics drinking will continue to spiralling out of control and the increasing risks it places on his health, emotional well-being, job, and other important areas of life.

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An intervention can help break this self-destructive cycle by pushing the addict to accept residential addiction treatment where a comprehensive plan can be drawn up to detoxify the patient and start leading them to addiction recovery.

The intervention technique

The intervention technique was pioneered by an American author, Vernon Johnson, whose books “I’ll Quit Tomorrow” (1973) and “Intervention” (1986) were the first systematic discussion of the intervention process.

His methodology has proven to work for a spectrum of addictions – including process addictions like gambling, eating disorders, work addiction, and sexual compulsions.

Interventions are not yet that popular in South Africa, possibly because there is a lack of professional interventionists to help facilitate these life saving events and also the funds available to pay for the professional addictions counsellor to come and facilitate the process.

When Is An Intervention Required A - When is an Intervention required?They are a little more popular in the UK and growing as the availability of skilled professionals grows.

We receive many calls from family members (mothers and wives especially!) who just don’t know what to do to help their loved one find a drug rehabilitation (rehab) facility.

A professional interventionist can assist in laying down the logistics of the intervention and prepping everybody as to what they can expect. Even though the goal of the intervention is clear (getting the addict into rehabilitation treatment) the method of accomplishing this might not be clear.

An intervention is the opportunity for a family to co-ordinate pressure in one format with the express intention of getting their loved one into an addictions treatment centre.

Achieving this intended outcome may contain some embarrassing, or frustrating incidents for both the family and the addicted or alcoholic person.

Maybe there were “taboo” events within the family and haven’t been spoken about since they happened. In this case the intervention becomes a cathartic event that opens up real dialogue in the family and sweeps aside the (unspoken) rules about what is acceptable to talk about.

People often say that a family with an addict in it is like sitting around a room with an elephant in the middle of it. They will talk around the elephant, under the elephant, and over the elephant but never mention the elephant in the middle of the room. Allowing the family to talk can be a healing experience for all involved.

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