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How to help a loved one see their addiction and go to rehab is one of the hardest steps to take. We Do Recovers guided approach to addiction interventions. Our counsellors are here to help you today.



    Contrary to popular television portrayals of interventions, they are seldom dramatic confrontations but carefully planned discussions tailored around each individual’s circumstances. Unlike the sensationalised versions seen on TV, real interventions are mindful of the person’s history and the family’s dynamics. They often involve multiple consultations through phone calls and video meetings to determine the most suitable approach, ensuring the person struggling with addiction is part of the process rather than being caught unaware. The focus is on developing genuine solutions to their problems, requiring a nuanced understanding of the individual’s life and challenges. Real-life interventions are delicate operations that prioritise compassion and constructive support, significantly differing from the conflict-driven narratives often depicted in celebrity reality shows.

    When Is An Intervention Required?

    An intervention is vital when an individual’s substance misuse adversely impacts their life and relationships, yet they fail to recognise the gravity of their situation. It serves as a deliberate measure when earlier attempts have not succeeded, aimed at helping the individual see the consequences of their behaviour through the collective worry of loved ones.

    Types of Intervention

    Varieties of interventions exist, from direct dialogues to motivational interviewing and invitational models, each tailored to the individual’s and their family’s circumstances. Choosing the right approach is critical for creating an environment conducive to change.

    Who Should Participate?

    Participants in an intervention include those deeply affected by the individual’s substance misuse, such as family, close friends and occasionally professional colleagues, who can share their concerns effectively. The assistance of a professional interventionist can be crucial in directing the intervention towards a favourable outcome.

    Staging An Intervention

    Organising an intervention necessitates thoughtful preparation, including the timing, messaging and venue, to express concerns effectively. It’s crucial to approach the situation with empathy, steering clear of blame or judgement, to convey a message of support and concern. The expertise of a professional can ensure the intervention is conducted with respect and effectiveness, maximising the chance of a positive response.

    Addiction Interventions

    Addiction interventions are meticulously planned processes designed to help individuals acknowledge their addiction and motivate them towards recovery. These interventions are executed with utmost compassion, focusing on the addiction’s impact on the individual and their loved ones, offering a pathway to recovery underscored by support and love.

    How We Can Help

    We Do Recover excels in guiding families through the intervention process. Our empathetic and understanding approach acknowledges the complexity of addiction and the emotional strain it imposes. We offer the necessary expertise and support to manage this challenging period, providing resources, preparation and the involvement of experienced interventionists.

    Forcing Someone Into Rehab

    Compelling someone into rehab, although arising from concern, recognises that recovery is most effective when the individual willingly engages. Interventions strive to persuade the person to see the need for change and choose recovery autonomously. Our focus is on promoting voluntary acceptance of help, encouraging a sense of personal commitment to the recovery.

    After The Intervention

    The post-intervention phase is crucial. It involves supporting the individual through treatment transition or maintaining communication and enforcing boundaries if they’re not ready for help. Our team offers ongoing guidance during this period, advising on managing various intervention outcomes and supporting the individual’s recovery path when they decide to embark on it.

    Help For You

    Rehab might feel like a scary option. However you are here for a good reason. Don’t wait until your life falls apart. Let's chat about some options.

    Help For You

    Help A Loved One

    If you feel as if you are losing someone you love to drugs or alcohol? We can help you find the right support and care to change course they are on.

    Helping A Loved One

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    Addiction can become a complex issue, dealing with loved ones and relationships that are in turmoil. We are here to help navigate the path with you.

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