Interventions are particularly popular in America and are not yet formally practiced much in South Africa. It is a meeting of a group of people who are concerned about somebody’s drinking or drugging. The aim is to persuade the addict or alcoholic that she has a problem that needs attention, possibly in an alcohol treatment center.

The family and friends should have the opportunity to make their needs known and to voice their anger and frustration with the alcoholics behaviour. By allowing the family to express their hurt an intervention can be therapeutic to everybody involved.

Interventions are widely regarded as being an effective means of persuading somebody to enter into a drug rehabilitation (rehab) clinic. Even if the intervention fails and the addict does not decide to get treatment then at least the family can feel that they have tried their best.

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Whatever happens you can rest assured that you have tried your very best to move things forward and help the addict find a suitable addiction treatment centre.

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