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Shopping Addiction

We all love to shop and to buy new things, but what happens when it becomes a bit too much?

If you believe that or you or someone you love could be addicted to shopping, fear not, as we are here to help you.

If you’re wondering on what shopping addiction is, what the signs are that someone could be addicted to it and what can be done for those who are, continue reading below.

What is Shopping Addiction?

Omniomania, or more commonly known as shopping addiction, is one of the most socially accepted addictions found worldwide today.

We are all surround by advertising and marketing strategies telling us how a certain product can change our lives or make us happy.

Spending money on things we all want is also a way for people to measure their social worth.

However, when an individual spends excessively and unnecessarily (with money he or she does not have) just to experience the thrill of shopping, then a problem may be present.

Excessive shopping could be linked to psychological factors, for instance some people use it as a way to deal with their emotions.

But exactly how can you identify someone who may have a shopping addiction?

If you wish to access in-patient rehab immediately from only £1000/R7000 per week. Please call 0800 955 4357 from the UK or 081 444 7000 from SA

Signs and Symptoms of Shopping Addiction

Are You Or A Loved One Addicted To Shopping?If think you or someone you know could be addicted to shopping, here are some indicators to look out for.

Shopping addicts are usually very secretive and will hide any traces of things that they have bought.

Addicts will also feel ashamed or embarrassed of themselves after shopping.

Financial trouble may also be a tell-tale sign as the individual will constantly lie about where they got the money to buy the items and may spend money they do not have.

Shopping Addiction Treatment

Shopping AddictionIf any of the above symptoms are applicable to you or a loved one, seek help immediately.

As shopping addiction can be linked to other psychological problems such as depression, there are medical treatment as well as various counselling methods available which will help in stopping the need to spend and shop.

Counselling programmes such as Debtors Anonymous are also good in helping addicts recover from shopping addiction and to put them back on the right path financially.

For more information regarding help for you or a loved one, please call us now and we can assist in finding the best treatment available.

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