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    Engaging in Pornographic behaviour can serve as a temporary escape from both positive and negative feelings, depending on the individual. Recognising the impact of Porn can be difficult, especially if there have been no significant consequences. It is important to evaluate how Porn is affecting your life and consider the potential long-term costs to yourself and others. Seeking feedback from loved ones and taking their concerns seriously can be a vital step in acknowledging and addressing the impact of Porn on your well-being.

    Enrolling in inpatient rehab or specialised counselling services offers a structured plan for overcoming issues related to Porn. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals struggling with severe addiction. By participating in this setting, individuals can work towards finding balance, identifying triggers, maintaining their recovery and navigating any potential relapses that may occur.

    How is Porn Addiction Addiction Treated?

    Treatment for Porn Addiction involves supporting the individual through the process of overcoming their addiction. This includes helping loved ones understand and cope with the challenges, addressing denial through education and counselling, finding the best treatment services such as therapy or support groups, getting the individual admitted into professional therapy programs, designing a personalised treatment plan, providing aftercare and ongoing therapy to prevent relapse and promote long-term recovery. By seeking help and following a comprehensive treatment plan, individuals with Porn Addiction can work towards a healthier and more balanced life.

    How is Porn Addiction Addiction Diagnosed?

    In Porn Addiction treatment, diagnosis involves screening at-risk individuals, detailed assessments of Porn Addiction use, medical and psychiatric evaluations to detect health impacts and mental disorders and applying diagnostic criteria from manuals like DSM-5 or ICD-10. The process assesses functioning, risk factors and readiness for change, leading to a personalised treatment plan. Continuous monitoring and follow-up support are crucial components of effective Porn Addiction treatment.

    Does My Partner/Loved One Have an Porn Addiction Problem?

    Identifying a potential porn addiction in a loved one can be challenging but crucial for their wellbeing. Look for signs such as excessive time spent viewing explicit material, neglecting responsibilities and relationships, constant preoccupation with sexual content, failed attempts to quit, withdrawal from social activities, secrecy or lying about their habits and a decrease in overall life satisfaction. Other indicators may include difficulty in maintaining healthy sexual relationships, decreased sexual performance and distorted attitudes towards sex. If these signs resonate with your concerns, it is important to approach the issue with empathy, open communication and seek professional help to address the underlying porn addiction problem.

    What To Do Next?

    When a loved one or family member is struggling with a Porn Addiction problem, it can have a significant impact on the entire family. The strain on relationships is immense, as trust may be broken and intimacy may suffer. Codependency and enabling behaviors can also arise in families dealing with this issue, where loved ones inadvertently support or enable the addiction. This can lead to a cycle of toxic emotions, including anger, shame, guilt and resentment. It is crucial to seek guidance from a professional Porn Addiction counsellor who can assist in addressing these complex dynamics and provide the necessary support for both the individual and the family.

    Regular meetings with a therapist are essential for ongoing support and guidance during Porn recovery. Counselling provides a safe space for individuals to discuss their challenges and brainstorm solutions. Therapists assist in addressing underlying factors contributing to Porn behaviour, such as social, familial or professional stressors. This process promotes self-awareness and equips individuals with strategies to maintain overall well-being throughout their recovery process.


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    We provide targeted treatment for pornography addiction, focusing on the underlying issues and promoting relationship healing. Our approach is to address the root causes of the addiction, facilitating a path towards healthier relationships and self-perception.

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    Are you concerned that you or someone you know has a problem with pornography addiction?

    With the introduction of the internet more of us than ever before have been exposed to pornography. Call us now for a pornography assessment at one of our clinics.

    For most of us pornography excitement quickly loses its allure, for others however it can become an increasing and unhealthy addiction.

    There is help out there though and this is not something you have to suffer alone.

    Below you will find some of the most common symptoms of pornography addiction as well as the risks and the treatment options available to you.

    What is Pornography Addiction?

    Broadly speaking pornography addiction is an overuse of pornography that encroaches on someone’s normal daily life.

    The use of pornography by someone who is addicted can often be a means of banishing unpleasant feelings, a temporary escapism, this is much the same with other forms of addiction.

    It is thought to be a behavioural addiction , more frequently referred to as a process addiction as opposed to a substance related addiction (alcohol or drug addiction).

    Other addictions that fall under this category are gambling, computers, video games, work and fitness but that list is by no means exhaustive.

    Signs, Symptoms and Risks of Pornography Addiction

    Because of the personal nature of this addiction many of those suffering from it are very secretive about their behaviour so spotting signs may be difficult.

    However dependency will manifest itself in a number of ways such as, an increasing and persistent craving for pornography and sex in general.

    Partaking in riskier and more extreme sexual practices in order to try and alleviate the cravings, irritability when unable to quench their cravings, potentially engaging in real life and online sexual practices that may be dangerous to their physical health and even illegal.

    Pornography Addiction Treatment

    Having the internet at home is not an uncommon phenomenon anymore and due to this the number of cases of people suffering from pornography addiction have increased vastly.

    Treatment therefore has come on leaps and bounds and this is no longer something that you need to live with.

    A trained addiction counsellor is the best person to speak to in the first instance, they will be able to guide you to the best route for your specific needs.

    Rest assured as long as you want recovery, which is the biggest step, you can achieve it.

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