Treatment For Love and Sex Addictions

Both sex addiction and love addiction are mental disorders characterised by an impaired ability to engage in healthy emotional intimacy. Our counsellors are here to help you today.



    Sexual Behaviour Recovery Support

    Engaging in sexual behaviour can sometimes be used as a temporary escape from both positive and negative emotions, depending on the individual. Recognising when sexual behaviour becomes a problem can be difficult, especially if there haven’t been any significant consequences yet. It’s important to assess how sexual behaviour is impacting your life and consider the potential long-term costs it may have on yourself and others. Seeking feedback from loved ones and taking their concerns seriously can be a valuable step in acknowledging and addressing the impact that sexual behaviour may have on your well-being.

    Inpatient rehab programs or specialised counselling services offer structured plans for overcoming issues related to sexual behaviour making them an ideal choice for addressing severe addiction cases. These programs provide individuals with the tools to find balance, manage triggers, sustain recovery and navigate potential setbacks. By participating in such a setting, individuals can develop coping mechanisms and strategies necessary for long-term recovery.

    How is Sex Addiction Addiction Treated?

    Sex Addiction treatment involves helping a loved one or family member by addressing denial, finding the best treatment services and admitting the patient into professional therapy. The treatment design is tailored to the individual with aftercare and ongoing therapy to support recovery. By seeking out specialised services and addressing denial, individuals can receive the help they need to overcome Sex Addiction.

    How is Sex Addiction Addiction Diagnosed?

    In Sex Addiction treatment, diagnosis involves screening for at-risk individuals, detailed assessments of addiction use and medical/psychiatric evaluations. Diagnostic criteria from manuals like DSM-5 or ICD-10 are applied to assess functioning and readiness for change. A personalised treatment plan is then developed with continuous monitoring and follow-up support to address health impacts and mental disorders. Treatment focuses on addressing risk factors and promoting recovery from Sex Addiction.

    Does My Partner/Loved One Have an Sex Addiction Problem?

    Identifying a sex addiction problem in a loved one can be challenging but there are certain signs to look out for. If you notice that this person continually engages in risky sexual behaviour despite negative consequences, such as relationship problems or physical health issues, it may indicate a sex addiction. They may constantly think about and seek out sexual experiences, spend excessive amounts of time on pornography or visiting prostitutes and have difficulty controlling their impulses. Additionally, they may neglect responsibilities, experience a decline in personal or professional life and exhibit withdrawal symptoms when trying to cut back on sexual activities. It is important to approach this topic with empathy and understanding, as sex addiction is a serious psychological condition that requires professional help for recovery.

    What To Do Next?

    Dealing with a loved one’s sex addiction can be a challenging and complex situation that affects not only the individual but the entire family. It often leads to strained relationships, codependency, enabling behaviors and a mix of toxic emotions. Seeking guidance from a professional sex addiction counsellor is crucial in order to address these issues effectively. By working with a counsellor, families can navigate the difficulties associated with this addiction, create healthier boundaries and develop strategies to cope with the various emotional challenges that arise.

    Regular counselling sessions with a therapist are essential for ongoing communication and guidance during the recovery process. Sex therapy sessions provide a safe space for individuals to openly discuss challenges and work towards finding solutions. Therapists can help address underlying factors contributing to problematic sexual behaviour, such as social, familial or professional stressors, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and the development of strategies for maintaining overall health in recovery.


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    Treatment For Sex and Love Addiction

    Our treatment for sex and love addiction is centered on emotional regulation and developing healthy relationship skills. We aim to help individuals understand and manage their behaviors, creating healthier emotional connections and interactions.

    Do you think that you or a loved one could be addicted to sex and love?

    If so, then it’s important that you know the correct facts before taking further action.

    Below you will be educated about what sex and love addiction is, what the signs and symptoms are and what can be done to help those addicted to it.

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    What is Sex and Love Addiction?

    Being addicted to sex and love can be very harmful when left unnoticed.

    While sex and love might be two different things, an addiction to it often entails both.

    This addiction can be broken up into many situations, such as being sexually and emotionally involved with people one hardly knows, constantly thinking about sex or showing signs of excessive reliance and obsession to one or more individuals.

    Addicts will misconstrue love with sex and will therefore continue to seek for relationships and sex.

    They will also trick people into sex and love by making them believe it is a way of supporting them.

    Another factor of sex and love addiction is that some people might have a fear of being alone and will therefore remain in harmful and unhealthy relationships.

    Addicted individuals will also try to prove that they aren’t addicted by avoiding any form of sexual or emotional involvement, thinking that this is the way to recover their addiction.

    Signs and Symptoms of Sex and Love Addiction

    It is much easier to identify the symptoms of an addiction to sex than that of love due to the fact most of the symptoms are emotional.

    However, some symptoms to be on the lookout for include the excessive need and use of pornography, having affairs outside marriage or relationships and using various methods to gain sexual stimulation such as cybersex, prostitution and even phone sex.

    Addicts will also look to engage in illegal activities to satisfy their addiction, however it’s important to understand that because someone may be addicted to sex and love, it does not make them become sexual offenders.

    Relationships with loved ones and work colleagues will also decrease due to the nature of the addiction.

    Sex and Love Addiction

    It’s important to understand that the aim of treatment isn’t to stop having relationships or having sex.

    The main goal is to promote healthy relationships, whether it is sexual or emotional.

    The best way to treat this type of addiction is by residing in a rehabilitation centre, where various counselling and therapy will be done to help you understand the importance of recovering from your addiction and how to have healthy relationships.

    Secondary care is also vital in ensuring that a relapse doesn’t occur once the individual has been discharged from rehab. It will serve as a continuation of what was taught during treatment.

    For more information on how to get yourself or a loved one into treatment, feel free to call us now and our accredited addiction counsellors will gladly assist in finding the best rehabilitation available.

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