Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Program

One might wonder why an inpatient alcohol rehab program is necessary but if you consider the consequences of leaving alcoholism unchecked then the importance of an inpatient alcohol rehab program becomes obvious.

Alcoholism destroys lives and sows destruction in the lives of people around the alcoholic.  An inpatient alcohol rehab program can help to end the cycle of destruction before permanent brain damage, death or other tragic consequences occur.

Effective inpatient alcohol rehab program

It is only in the last 50 years that an alcoholic has been able to have any hope of receiving effective treatment in an inpatient alcohol rehab program.  Before then people with alcohol addiction were consigned to general psychiatric hospitals where they were treated in conditions that were sometimes quite appalling.  The treatment that we have available to us today is the result of decades of research.  An inpatient alcohol rehab program is often conducted in very luxurious facilities that employ the latest therapeutic techniques to effectively and comprehensively address this illness.

Cape Town alcohol rehab

South Africa is home to many centers that offer an inpatient alcohol rehab program.  Some of the facilities are truly five star and offer a great many luxuries that go above and beyond what you might expect in an inpatient alcohol rehab.  The favourable exchange rate makes these facilities extremely competitive with foreign treatment options, often costing only a fraction of what a comparable treatment would cost in Europe, Britain or America.

Personalised alcoholism treatment

An inpatient alcohol rehab program should take into account your individual personality traits when treating you.  Instead of viewing you as a “typical” alcoholic the staff of an effective inpatient alcohol rehab program will carefully assess exactly what makes you unique.  By paying attention to these details a personalised treatment can be developed that will suit your specific needs.

Luxury alcohol treatment

Sometimes people who are in an inpatient alcohol rehab program struggle with very difficult emotions that come up as a result of the addiction treatment.  It isn’t easy to take an honest look at your life and face up to your past.  Your counsellor will give you personal one-to-one counselling sessions that will guide you through the inpatient alcohol rehab program and help you work through the issues that underpin your alcohol addiction.

Group therapy sessions have been shown to be an effective part of an inpatient alcohol rehab program.  These groups have a multitude of benefits, not least of all is the experience of discovering that you are not alone in your struggle with alcohol.  Many people battle alcoholism by themselves for years and end up feeling ashamed about their problems.  They arrive in an inpatient alcohol rehab program and discover that there are millions of people around the world with similar problems and experience a great sense of relief.

While you are recovering in an inpatient alcohol rehab program your family will be invited to join a program designed especially for them.  This will help them to understand your illness and to be involved in your healing process.  Often they will have been hurt by your behaviour and the family program will help them to work through these issues.

Once you complete your time in the inpatient alcohol rehab program you will be offered the opportunity to join the aftercare program.  This means that you can come back to the rehabilitation center for ongoing therapy sessions that will coach you through your early recovery.

South Africa has many inpatient alcohol rehab program that offer a high quality of treatment at rates that are made very affordable to foreign visitors because of the Rand exchange rate.  You too can discover the charm of Africa in luxurious surroundings that promote your return to health. Contact us today for more information about inpatient alcohol rehabs in Cape Town.

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