Inpatient Private Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol addiction is complex disease that can cause complete devastation to somebody caught in its grip.  People have lost jobs, families, money and their lives as a result of this illness.

If you even suspect that you have a drinking problem you should immediately go for an assessment at an inpatient alcohol rehab center rather than taking the risk of letting this illness completely take over your life.

There are several options that you can choose from to find sobriety but an inpatient alcohol rehab center is likely to be the safest and most comfortable option that you can find.  Safest because you will receive medical supervision at an inpatient alcohol rehab center and most comfortable because these facilities go out of their way to offer the amenities that you need to feel pampered.

The program at an inpatient alcohol rehab center will have been developed according to international research standards.  These evidence based approaches are able to demonstrate that they really do work.  This means that the option of an inpatient alcohol rehab center is also going to be more effective than many other options.

Physical dependency on alcohol

Alcohol is a toxin that your body gradually adapts itself to be able to cope with.  This is known as tolerance and is the reason that heavy drinkers need to consume more alcohol than other people in order to get drunk.  Eventually the body becomes so used to the presence of alcohol that it actually requires some of it to be present in order to function normally.  This is known as alcohol dependency.  If a person who is dependent on alcohol stops drinking suddenly then he/she will experience negative withdrawal symptoms as the body craves for alcohol.  This can be life-threateningly dangerous and you should always consult with a doctor if you are going to detox.  An inpatient alcohol rehab center will have all the medical resources required to be able to safely handle this detox process.

Personalised inpatient alcohol rehab center

There are certain patterns that play out for many victims of the disease of alcoholism but it is not fair to make generalizations about patients.  An inpatient alcohol rehab center will take the time to get to know each patient as an individual and develop a personalised treatment program that addresses all the nuances of his/her alcohol addiction.  People arrive at their inpatient alcohol rehab center for many different reasons and it is key not to apply a “cookie cutter” approach that misses out on important differences between individuals.

Luxury Alcohol Rehabilitation

A luxury inpatient alcohol rehab center offers a very high standard of accommodation that is designed to totally relax you by offering as much comfort as possible.  Healing is made just that much easier if you are physically comfortable. A luxury inpatient alcohol rehab center will offer amenities above and beyond what is required to treat alcoholism.  These might include a Jacuzzi, horse riding lessons, gym equipment, swimming pools, gourmet chefs and private maid service.

Aftercare following inpatient alcohol rehab center

The program in an inpatient alcohol rehab center is often fairly short – just a few weeks long in fact.  This might not be long enough to comprehensively examine all of the aspects of your addiction.  Your counsellor in the inpatient alcohol rehab center might recommend that you go for an extended care program, attend outpatient treatment or offer you aftercare therapy depending on how much ground you still need to cover before you will be in stable alcohol recovery.  By graduating from the inpatient alcohol rehab center and then continuing your therapy you are greatly improving your chances for obtaining lasting sobriety.

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