Helping an Alcoholic Partner

If you are worried about how much alcohol your husband, wife, boyfriend or even girlfriend drinks, then you’re at the right place.
Helping an alcoholic partner is no easy task. If your loved one is aggressive, you could be afraid of the response or the reaction you will get if you confront them about their drinking problem. Or you could be worried that you will drive them away for good.

However, if you suspect or know that your partner has a drinking problem and you do nothing about it, you are inadvertently allowing them to throw their life away.
So how can you help? In this article, we are going to speak about the dangers of having an alcoholic partner and also, how you can get the best alcohol treatment for them.

The Dangers of Having an Alcoholic Partner

  • Domestic Abuse – While alcohol isn’t the direct cause of physical abuse, there is no doubt that there is a link between the two. If your partner is aggressive towards you while they are drunk, chances are that you will most likely to live your life fearful of them. The abuse doesn’t have to be physical; it could be emotional or verbal as well. Your confidence and self-esteem will suffer and you may even stop caring about yourself. If your children are also affected by your loved one’s drinking problem or if they see how badly you are being treated, it may cause serious, lifelong psychological damage.
  • Money Problems – As I mentioned above, alcohol can cause serious financial trouble in families if it is bought everyday to help fund your partner’s addiction, especially if they lose their job because of their drinking.
  • Isolation and Embarrassment – You might have found out that your partner’s behaviour changes when they are drunk. For some, it may be very embarrassing, especially at special occasions with family and friends.
  • Dishonesty – When your partners actions begin to affect your family, their career and your work, even the relationships they have with your children, you may even begin to find yourself lying to cover for them.

Helping an Alcoholic Partner

The biggest obstacle that you will face is to know how to confront your alcoholic partner. One of the best ways to do this is to host an intervention.
In a nutshell, an intervention involves the coming together of everyone closest to the alcoholic, whether it be family, friends, even work colleagues, who will attempt to show them the damage that their drinking is causing and that the only way to get out of this situation is by getting treatment inside a rehab centre.
The intervention shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to seek revenge or vent any anger you or anyone else might have. It’s a process done to show the alcoholic that everyone loves and cares about them and want to see them get better.

For more information about interventions and how it works, click here:
We can also provide your loved one with immediate access into the best private alcohol rehab centres in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand. Call us now and let one of our qualified counsellors find the best treatment available for them.

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