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If your loved one is suffering from alcoholism then please call us toll-free on 0800 955 4357. By speaking with one of our trained staff members you will receive practical advice on how to best help the one you care about.

Bristol Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehabilitation

The myth that alcoholic or addicted people can only clean up when they’re hit this rock bottom is entirely untrue. Your applying pressure to get the addict or alcoholic into rehab today may be their saving grace.

Bristol alcohol rehabs

It’s up to the friends and family of the alcoholic to take a stand and firmly direct the patient to a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Bristol. It is very common to find that the alcohol addict is only prepared to admit that he/she has a problem once they hit “rock bottom” and will vehemently deny that there is anything wrong until things have gotten so bad that they simply cannot continue.

Unique Bristol Drug rehab

Each person suffering from addiction is unique. It’s important not to treat all people in the same mould of treatment. Although there may be common themes that recur through many people who suffer from chemical addiction it is important for the drug rehab or alcohol rehabilitation centre in Bristol to accurately diagnose the underlying issues that drive the addictive process.

You should take care in finding a centre that has a compliment of professionals from several different clinical training backgrounds. By combining their specialist views they will be able to pick up on the subtle nuances that can make all the difference between treatment success and frustration. A good facility shows respect for its patients individuality and is able to cater directly to their clients needs.

Successful Bristol alcohol rehab

Nobody can promise that addiction treatment in a drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Bristol will be successful. There are simply too many variables to be considered, some of which are not in the control of the clinical team, for any such promise to be made. But you can improve the likelihood of success by matching the patient to a rehabilitation clinic that is going to offer a program suited to his/her needs.

This means that the drug rehab or alcohol rehabilitation care centre in Bristol should be able to demonstrate that they provide a range of therapeutic interventions and not just one treatment modality.

A typical  Bristol alcohol rehab program

The difference between treatment success and frustration rests chiefly in the patients willingness to comply with the recommendations of the treatment team. Drug rehabs and alcohol rehabs in Bristol employ professionals who are experienced in helping addicts and alcoholics find recovery, but unless the patient is willing to follow advice then that advice is worthless. In some cases external pressure from family can keep the patient moving in the right direction.

It is a sad reality that many patients arrive in a chemical dependence treatment centre with some measure of reservation as to whether they truly have a problem. Much effort is spent on persuading them that they have a problem and hence need to comply with the program. If you arrive at the clinic and from day one accept that you need help then you will benefit a great deal more. The more effort you put into working your addiction treatment program the more you will get out of it.

Why use a drug and alcohol treatment centre in Bristol?

If so much of the success of treatment rests in the patients input then it is fair to ask why they even need a drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Bristol. The truth is that very few addicts and alcoholics are able to escape the quagmire of addiction without assistance. Without proper guidance their efforts to get sober may be misdirected and ultimately unsuccessful.

This is not an illness that will simply go away by itself. An alcohol rehab or drug rehab care centre in Bristol offers a structured, safe, and supportive environment for addicts to get recovery. Patients are accommodated comfortably and treated with respect and dignity. Patients are taught the tools they need to get clean and stay clean.

They’re given a new lease on life and the opportunity to live free of the terrible obsession of chemical dependence.

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