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Cough Medicine Addiction

Do you think that you or a loved one could be addicted to cough medicine?

If so, then it’s important that you know the facts. Below you will be able to find out what an addiction to cough medicine is, what are the things to look out for when defining if you or someone else could be addicted to cough medicine and what can be done to treat it.

What is Cough Medicine Addiction?

Cough medicines are legal and prescription over-the-counter drugs that are used in the treatment of coughs associated with colds and flu. Cough mixture usually comes in liquid form in a glass bottle.

Cough medicines work by acting on the part of the brain that controls the cough reflex and are commonly used in the treatment of dry or wet .Today, many cough mixtures contain the opiate drug Codeine or Dextromethorphan (DXM) both of which are highly addictive.

When cough medicines are taken above the recommended dosage stipulated by a medical doctor or the manufacturer, addiction to the drug may occur.

Many people become addicted to cough medicines for three reasons: Its legal, it’s cheap and it is seen to be safer than other street drugs.

When an individual becomes addicted, they develop a higher tolerance to the codeine found in cough mixture, meaning that the addict needs to take larger doses of the cough medicine to experience the high feeling that was once achieved through lower dosages.

Cough Medicine Addiction Treatment

Signs and Symptoms of Cough Medicine Addiction

Are You Addicted To Cough Medicine?Cough mixtures weren’t designed to been taken continuously and if you or a loved one has a need to drink cough medicine every few days, I’d say an addiction is present. Of course, if you stop taking the cough mixture and suffer withdrawals symptoms then an addiction is definitely present and seeking professional rehabilitation through a treatment centre to stop using the drug is paramount.

There are other indicators to look out for, which includes feelings of confusion, light headedness, impaired vision and speech as well as being unable to move normally.

Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, increased heart rate, the loss of feeling in hands and feet, hallucinating and constantly feeling disorientated.

Cough Medicine Addiction Treatment

If you suspect that you or a loved suffers from the signs and symptoms above, then it’s important that professional addiction treatment help is received immediately.

The best way to treat an addiction to cough medicine is by booking into a rehabilitation centre, where the individual will receive supervised medical detoxification as well as group therapy and addiction counseling which will help in educating the individual about their disease and what they must do to get into recovery.

Cough Medicine Addiction

Once this has been completed, it is may be recommended that the patient attends a secondary care treatment centre, which may come in the form of outpatient treatment or residing in another part of the clinic that specializes in secondary care addiction issues. In secondary care, patients have the chance to deal with underlying causes & conditions, such as low self esteem or abuse that may hinder their chances of a full recovery or if not dealt with lead them to a relapse.

Tertiary care is also available for those who completed treatment and want to assimilate back into work and home life in a structured manner with addiction support to ensure they remain sober and clean.

If you want to get yourself or someone close to you into treatment, call us now and we will gladly find the best rehabilitation available, tailor-made to your needs.

Cough Medicine Addiction Helpline

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