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Are you addicted to Ephedrine or do you know of someone close to you who is?

If you answered yes for any of the questions above, then it’s important that you understand what Ephedrine is, what it does to addicts and what can be done to treat an addiction to the drug.

What is Ephedrine?

Ephedrine is a legal, stimulating drug that is manufactured from the herb Ephedra, most commonly used in the treatment of respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

The drug is also used as an appetite suppressant and in the treatment of hypotension.

Ephedrine is a popular abused drug to the effects it produces, namely: brain stimulation, increased metabolism, higher energy levels, heightened mood sensations and increased body temperatures.

One the main reasons why people become addicted to the drug is because they fail to realise the harmful effects it causes.

The drug is found in tablet or liquid form and is commonly taken orally, however Ephedrine may also be crushed into a powder and snorted.

When Ephedrine has been abused for a long period of time, the individual will have a higher tolerance to the drug, meaning that they will need more of it to achieve a desired effect.

Dependency to Ephedrine does not only cause bodily and mental harm to the addict but it also affects friends and family around them.

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Signs and Symptoms of Ephedrine Addiction

When defining whether you or someone has an ephedrine addiction or not, there are physical symptoms to look out for.

Hypertension, anxiety, migraines, nausea, hallucinations and increased irritability are some of the main physical symptoms linked to excessive ephedrine use.

More critical symptoms that can be linked to an overdose of the drug are strokes, liver damage, coma’s and in some cases death.

When Ephedrine cannot be obtained, withdrawal symptoms to look out for are obsession, depression and shaking.

Ephedrine Addiction Treatment

As an addiction to Ephedrine may cause death, it’s important that addicted individuals are treated as soon as possible.

A residential stay at a rehabilitation center will need to be done and the length of stay will be determined on the nature and severity of the individual’s addiction, however there is a minimum period of 28 days that need to be completed.

Residing in rehab includes a medical detoxification, which help make any withdrawal symptoms of the drug manageable.

Recovering addicts will also be educated through various counselling methods of what ephedrine addiction is and how use of the drug can be avoided.

Once the stay in rehab has been completed, secondary treatment is available, which serves as a continuation of what was taught in rehab in order to help the individual adapt to society again.

Tertiary treatment can also be done to help keep the recovering addict on the straight and narrow.

If you are looking to get yourself or a loved one into treatment, please feel free to call us now and our qualified addictions counsellor will help in finding the best possible rehab for you!

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