PCP Addiction

Are you worried that you or a loved one could be addicted to PCP? If so, fear no more, we are here to help.

In this article, we’ll help you understand what PCP is, what signs and symptoms you should to look out for and what can be done to help treat it.

What is PCP?

PCP (phenylcyclohexyl piperidine) was originally used as an anaesthetic for animals in the 1960’s, people avoided using the drug because of the side effects that were experienced once it was taken.

PCP Addiction Treatment

PCP, which comes in the form of a white powder or a tablet, may be taken orally through snorting, smoking and swallowing.

The drug is known to be dangerous due to its harmful effects which include changing the way someone sees the world around them, creating a feeling of separation from society.

PCP is a highly addictive drug and the effects of it may last for a couple of hours, but the chemicals of the drug may remain in the body for more than 8 days.

When taken, the individual will experience signs of increased and overwhelming euphoria in a matter of minutes.

Signs and Symptoms of PCP Addiction

 The effects that PCP has on the individual will be determined by how much is used and how long the drug has been abused.

PCPWhen a little of the drug is used, the individual will feel an almost instantaneous feeling of increased strength and power.

Increased heart rate, euphoria and delusion may also be felt.

However when bigger quantities of PCP is used, it causes the individual to experience things such as paranoia, delusion, confusion and the person won’t be able to feel any pain at all.

This is very dangerous as the abuser won’t be able to recognise the damage it is causing to the body.

Other serious effects include comas, suicide and death, with the latter being commonly attributed to an overdose, which is linked to the fact that the individual won’t feel any pain when using the drug excessively.

The dangerous effects of the drug may also be experienced later in life, as parts of the drug are stored in the fatty cells of the body, meaning a relapse may occur when the individual least expects it.

PCP Addiction Treatment

Are You Addicted To PCP?If you linked any of the signs and symptoms above to you or a loved one, seek help immediately.

Help will need to be done in a rehabilitation center, where addicts will have to reside for a period determined by the nature of the addiction suffered.

In the rehab clinic, a medical detoxification may be done in order to diminish or remove any withdrawal symptoms that might be experienced to due to the cessation of use. Therapy and counselling will also be done in order to educate the individual about their addiction and how they can avoid using PCP in the future.

Secondary treatment and tertiary care is also available once the stay in rehab has been completed, which will helping in easing the individual back into society and ensuring that a healthy and sober-free life is achieved.

For more information regarding treatment, please call us now and our accredited addiction counsellors will gladly assist you.

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