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If you or someone you love is addicted to Nexus, it’s important to know what are the signs and symptoms as well as the treatment options available.

What is Nexus?

Also known as N, Nexus is a potent synthetic hallucinogenic drug deriving from Ecstasy and LSD; however it does not provide the same results when used.

Nexus is generally found in tablet and powdered form, is a popular drug at many parties and clubs, giving it the label as being a “club drug”.

The drug has no medical purpose and therefore cannot be obtained by prescription or doctor’s authorization.

The main use of the drug is to get “high” and to create feelings of extreme pleasure and euphoria.

Once the drug is ingested, the effects of it occur around 15 minutes and can sustain for up to approximately 3 hours.

Nexus can be taken orally, mixed in drinks or even inhaled into the body. Inhalation provides a more powerful effect than any other method.

Nexus Addiction Treatment

Signs and Symptoms of Nexus Addiction

There are basic signs and symptoms to look out for if you suspect yourself or someone you know to be addicted to nexus.

These range from stress to restlessness, sweating, muscle spasms, impaired movement and high blood pressure. The addict may also experience psychological symptoms such as fear and anger.

Nexus Pills

Excessive use of the drug causes the individual to experience dramatic hallucinations, and a feeling where solid objects begin to move and colors begin to appear more powerful.

With Nexus being labeled a club drug, music also makes the individual experience unusual sights and smells when the drug is taken in high dosages.

Nexus Addiction Treatment

Are You Addicted To Nexus? Call Us Now For Help!As with any other addiction, a residential stay in an inpatient program is the best starting point on the road to recovery,

While residing at a rehab center, a medically supervised detoxification will be done to help remove the drug from the body as well as in reducing any withdrawal that may experienced due to abstinence away from nexus.

Group therapy and various other counseling methods will also be done in order to educate the individual about their addiction and what the consequences of continued use will be.

The individual will also be taught the necessary skills on how to avoid the drug and any triggers that may cause a relapse or craving for it.

Once the residential stay has been completed, it’s important that secondary care is attended as individuals are most prone to relapse after being discharged from rehabilitation.

In secondary care, the individual will be taught similar things to what they faced in inpatient treatment, however in further detail.

Once secondary care has been completed, tertiary care may also be attended, which helps in integrating the recovering addict slowly back into society.

For expert advice and for more information on how to pick the correct rehab for you or a loved one, call us now!

Nexus Addiction Helpline

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