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When codeine is taken excessively, many individuals developed a high tolerance and become mentally and physically addicted to it

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Do you have a suspicion that you or a loved one could be addicted to codeine? If so, then it’s important that know the right information regarding codeine addiction. Below you will be able to find out what codeine is, how you can distinguish whether you or someone you know is addicted to the drug and what treatment is available to help get your loved one into stable addiction recovery.

What is Codeine?

Codeine is an over-the-counter prescription drug that falls under the class of opiates, which are naturally occurring drugs with sedative-like effects.

Commonly found in painkiller and cough medicines, codeine can be taken orally (through the mouth), intravenously (through injection), intramuscularly (injected directly into muscle mass) and rectally (through the rectum).

Most commonly codeine is used through cough mixtures bought over the counter at chemists. Codeine causes the user to experience feelings of drowsiness and pleasure.

When codeine is taken excessively, many individuals developed a high tolerance and become mentally and physically addicted to it. Once addicted, people have to take larger quantities of codeine in order to achieve the same effect that was once felt through small dosages.

Signs and Symptoms of Codeine Addiction

A simple way to prevent an addiction from occurring is to use codeine as indicated by a medical practitioner for its intended purpose and not exceed the recommended dosage.

If not, there are various signs and symptoms that one can pick up when checking to see if you or a loved one might be addicted.

Long term use of the drug may cause internal bleeding, kidney and liver damage, impaired vision, poor mobility and depression.

When the drug is not available, the individual will suffer a series of withdrawal symptoms which may include nausea, runny nose, respiratory (breathing) problems, migraines, muscle pain, sleeplessness, dehydration, cramps, increased blood pressure and fever.

In more severe cases, the withdrawal symptoms may even cause heart attacks and death.

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Codeine Addiction Treatment

Many people do not realise they have an addiction to codeine, which makes the task of getting the individual into treatment more difficult. It’s important to realise that addicted people have a greatly diminished awareness of the nature and the severity of their addiction problem; this is what it means to be in denial.

If you think that either yourself or a loved one is experiencing any of the above codeine addiction symptoms, then the sooner a treatment assessment is done the better.

The best way to begin a codeine recovery process is to book into a rehabilitation centre, where a medical detoxification will be done in order to safely reduce withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced and comprehensively address the problem in a holistic manner.

Addiction counselling, group therapy and lectures will also be attended by the codeine addicted patient in treatment. These are aimed at educating the individual about their addiction and what they can do to avoid using it and sty in recovery in the future.

Once discharged from Primary Care it is sometimes recommended that Secondary Care treatment is attended, which may come in the form of outpatient rehab (the attendance of regular counselling and therapy sessions while residing at home) or by continuing to reside in a full time treatment program or Halfway House.

Tertiary care may also be attended for those looking to continue treatment on a long term basis while reintegrating back into ful time work / studies and fulltime life again!

For more information regarding rehabilitation centre and treatment options for you or someone you love, call us now and we will gladly assist in finding the treatment options available.

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