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Methamphetamine is an addictive drug known on the street as “meth”, “crystal meth”, “speed” and “tik”.  Just like cocaine, it is a powerful central nervous stimulant.

It has a high potential for psychological dependence because it activates the reward pathways in the brain.  Using methamphetamine causes a flood of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin in the brain.  It is not typically associated with physical dependence but is still highly addictive and may require meth rehabilitation to find recovery.

Methamphetamine was first synthesized in Japan in 1919 and was used in World War II to keep soldiers alert.  It was widely available until research into the side effects lead to it becoming a restricted substance.  It is still prescribed in the United States as a treatment for ADHD and obesity.  Of course prescribing meth would be done with extreme caution.

Illicit use of methamphetamine is a world-wide phenomenon and an issue for policy makers in many countries.  Meth rehab is promoted by health authorities in conjunction with drug awareness campaigns.

If you are concerned about the effects that crystal meth is having on you then please don’t delay in contacting the experts at We Do Recover.  They will help you understand the nature of the problem and find the best solution possible.

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How is methamphetamine used?

Crystal meth can be used in several different ways – it can be swallowed, smoked, snorted or injected.

If it is sold in powdered form methamphetamine can be mixed with water for intravenous injection or sprinkled onto tobacco to be smoked.

Methamphetamine is also sold in chunks which can be smoked in pipes.  In South Africa lightbulbs are often use.  The cracking sound that they create when they heat up leads to the nickname “tik”.

Some users mix methamphetamine with heroin – this is known as a “speedball”.

If your speed habit is affecting your life please contact the professionals at We Do Recover.  Their intake coordinators will provide you with a confidential and expert service to guide you to the best meth addiction treatment centre.

What are the effects of methamphetamine?

The speed that the effect of using methamphetamine is felt will depend on how it is used.  Smoking or injecting crystal meth leads to a strong euphoric sensation which doesn’t last long.  They will need to use another dose to maintain the “high”.  Users who snort or swallow meth will also experience a high but it will take longer to appear, last longer and be of a lower intensity

While they are under the influence of speed the user will be more talkative and energetic.  Paranoia and agitation are common unwanted side effects.

Short term effects of using methamphetamine include:

  • Being more alert
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Irritability, anxiety, paranoia, convulsions and confusion
  • Strokes or even death

People on meth will often use it continuously over a few days in a row.  During this time they will be unable to sleep properly and won’t feel hungry.  This leads to a state of exhaustion and eventually they are either too physically tired to continue or run out of meth.  At this point their body crashes down and they suffer a number of physical and psychological problems.  Depression is a major side effect of the changes in the balance of neurochemicals created by methamphetamine.  This depression can last for a few days after the last dose and is associated with a high risk of suicide.

If you are worried that you might need a meth rehab then please contact We Do Recover immediately.  Any delay simply allows your habit to get worse, leading to more and more consequences.

What happens with methamphetamine abuse in the long-term?

Long term abuse of crystal meth can lead to:

  • Addiction
  • Psychosis and uncontrollable paranoia
  • Hallucinations, including the sensation of insects crawling under the skin
  • Repeating behaviour over and over
  • Heart attacks, seizures, strokes, heart palpitations and even death
  • Obsessive scratching
  • Loss of teeth through a number of factors related to meth use

Being addicted to crystal meth makes it nearly impossible to stop using by yourself.  This means that the other physical symptoms are more than likely to follow.  There are several websites that show the terrible physical decay of meth addicts as evidenced by police arrest photographs.

If you find that methamphetamine is ruling your life then please contact We Do Recover in complete confidentiality for immediate assistance in reclaiming your freedom.

Can methamphetamine be used while pregnant or breast feeding?

No.  Methamphetamine can be transmitted from mother to child through the placenta or breast milk.  Babies who are born to mothers who abused methamphetamine have physical birth defects and show signs of withdrawing from methamphetamine after birth.

Do you need help with beating your speed addiction?  Please contact We Do Recover for a free and confidential assessment.  Our intake coordinators are highly experienced in guiding you to recovery.

What are tolerance and physical dependence?

Tolerance and physical dependence are two possible symptoms of addiction.  Crystal meth is not often associated with withdrawal symptoms but is still regarded as highly addictive because users will satisfy the other diagnostic criteria for addiction.  Should this be the case they will likely need meth rehab in order to find recovery from addiction.

Tolerance is the situation where the body adapts to be able to deal with higher doses of the drug.  Addicts will require increased quantities of the drug to get high.  Physical dependence is characterised by withdrawal symptoms if the drug is discontinued abruptly.

If you find that you cannot stop using meth then you might need a rehab solution.  Meth addiction can be beaten – please contact We Do Recover for assistance and advice in reclaiming your life.

South African Methamphetamine rehab

Crystal meth addiction is nearly impossible to beat without help.  Even the drug detox from speed is hard, not to mention actually changing your life to be able to stay off the drug for good.  Being admitted to a drug rehab for help is the best way to find recovery.

Over the last few years an increasing number of people are travelling to South Africa for drug rehab.  They find that the exchange rate means that luxury rehab in South Africa costs the same as mediocre rehabilitation in Europe.  For the money that you would spend on a run-of-the-mill European clinic you can afford a truly world class treatment program in South Africa.

South African meth rehab is an affordable and effective treatment option.  We Do Recover has extensive experience in the South African market and will help you choose a world class facility.

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