Alcohol Addiction

This term is used to describe someone dependent on alcohol. Medically, it is defined as someone who is addicted to alcohol physically and psychologically. This means that physically, if the alcoholic stops drinking suddenly and without medical support that withdrawal symptoms will occur.

While commonly referred to as alcoholism, is a serious problem that affects millions of individuals each year. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s essential to understand the terminology used by the addiction recovery community. This knowledge can help you better navigate the path to recovery.

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease characterised by the compulsive and uncontrollable consumption of alcohol despite negative consequences. It goes beyond occasional excessive drinking and becomes a pattern of behaviour that adversely affects various aspects of your life. Whether it’s work, relationships or overall health, alcohol addiction can have devastating consequences.

Rehabs and addiction treatment facilities play a important role in helping individuals overcome alcohol addiction. By providing a structured and supportive environment, these facilities help individuals address the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of addiction. They offer various therapies, counselling sessions, group support, detoxification and education programs. Rehabs aim to equip individuals with the necessary tools to achieve and maintain sobriety.

There are several terms used within the addiction recovery community that are important to be familiar with. Firstly and foremostly “detoxification” refers to the process of eliminating alcohol from your body. During this phase, individuals may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors, anxiety and nausea. Medically supervised detox programs can help manage these symptoms and provide a safer transition to recovery.

Another important term is “rehabilitation,” which encompasses the comprehensive treatment programs offered to individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. It aims to address both the physical dependency on alcohol and the underlying psychological factors contributing to addiction.

Additionally, “relapse” is a term used to describe the return to alcohol use after a period of abstinence. It is key to understand that relapse is a common part of the recovery process. Many individuals experience relapse and it should not be seen as a failure but rather as an opportunity to reassess and reinforce one’s commitment to sobriety.

Understanding the terminology used by the addiction recovery community can help you better communicate and seek the appropriate help for alcohol addiction. Remember, alcohol addiction is a treatable disease and seeking professional help can significantly increase the chances of successful recovery.

Alcohol Addiction : Understand and Overcome

Everything you need to know about alcohol addiction. Find expert advice, treatment options and support in overcoming this harmful addiction. Get help from qualified counsellors.

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    Inpatient Rehab

    Rehab care is a good option if you are at risk of experiencing strong withdrawal symptoms when you try stop a substance. This option would also be recommended if you have experienced recurrent relapses or if you have tried a less-intensive treatment without success.


    If you're committed to your sobriety but cannot take a break from your daily duties for an inpatient program. Outpatient rehab treatment might suit you well if you are looking for a less restricted format for addiction treatment or simply need help with mental health.


    Therapy can be good step towards healing and self-discovery. If you need support without disrupting your routine, therapy offers a flexible solution for anyone wishing to enhance their mental well-being or work through personal issues in a supportive, confidential environment.

    Mental Health

    Are you having persistent feelings of being swamped, sad or have sudden surges of anger or intense emotional outbursts? These are warning signs of unresolved trauma mental health. A simple assesment by a mental health expert could provide valuable insights into your recovery.

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