How to Find an Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Center.

Finding an effective drug addiction treatment center that will work with you to tailor make a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs is vital in the path to recovery.
Addiction treatment centers work from a wide range of backgrounds, approaches and methods and this needs to be considered when choosing your rehab.
To have the best chance of getting into long term, stable addiction recovery, addicts need treatment in a rehab centre that will provide comprehensive care for their condition and its symptoms. Specific questions should be asked in order to find out if the treatment follows evidence-based practices.
Doing this will ensure that you are well informed about what is the most effective treatment for you and it improves your chances of recovery from addiction.
Before picking a treatment center, here are guidelines consisting of five questions that you should ask before making an informed decision.
What sort of treatments are used and how do they work?
Depending on the problems of the addiction faced, successful treatments use an eclectic mix of various therapies.
These medications are useful in treating patients needing detoxification and help with withdrawal symptoms and there are new medications that help to renormalise brain function and prevent relapse through reducing cravings.
Treating addiction with more drugs is only wise in the above 2 instances. Often patients have the tendency to cross-addict form one drug to another so it’s critical that effective drug addiction treatment is comprehensive and treats the whole person.
Other components of effective addiction treatment are talk therapies like Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) & Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and 12-Step facilitation. It’s also critical to have proper contingency management dealing with crisis’s that threaten to discontinue the patients treatment as well as including family in the rehabilitation process.
Is a qualified psychiatrist on the treatment center’s team?
Rehabilitation centres that use evidence based approaches to treat addiction use trained psychiatrists as a key member of the multidisciplinary team.
It is fundamental for these psychiatrists to stay in the loop regarding the latest developments in addiction treatment. You may want to ask the rehab center whether their psychiatrist is a member of American Society on Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as this would indict a high level of quality care.
Does the rehab center provide medication for psychiatric disorders such as anxiety or other mood disorders?
It is common for many people, especially young people to have coinciding mental health problems such as anxiety or depression as a result of the drug abuse.
These two disorders are common among young people suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction. They have to be taken into account during treatment planning. If this does not happen, chances of recovery are greatly diminished.
Since the disorders vary from patient to patient, the treatment will also have to be varied. The same medication could obviously not be used for different patients.
Does the rehabilitation centre have research that supports the treatments you use?
Leaders within drug addiction treatment centers should be able to provide you with detailed information which demonstrates their treatments effectiveness.
They should be able to provide you with the name of the study, the people who did the research and when it was done.
Does the treatment center measure their outcomes?
Directors of effective drug addiction treatment centrers should also be able to provide you with information regarding what percentage of patients admitted to their program actually complete the program and go on to lead normal lives.
You’ll need to know how many patients ‘drop-out’ of treatment, how many relapse after having completed treatment and how many are clean and sober 1 year or 5 years later.
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