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    Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

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Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Some of the Symptoms of Drug Addiction One of the more common symptoms of addiction is the increased tolerance to the drug over time. In other words, the effect of the drug no longer kicks in as soon as it used to and the effects last shorter than before. Another...

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Find a rehab today

Get expert advice on selecting a world-class addiction treatment facility in South Africa. Contact us today How we Can Help you Free advice by email Links to local addiction treatment centres Self-assessment questions Why Choose Us? We are based in South Africa and...

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Inpatient alcohol rehab

Alcohol addiction is complex disease that can cause complete devastation to somebody caught in its grip.  People have lost jobs, families, money, and their lives as a result of this illness. If you even suspect that you have a drinking problem you should immediately...

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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Program

One might wonder why an inpatient alcohol rehab program is necessary, but if you consider the consequences of leaving alcoholism unchecked then the importance of an inpatient alcohol rehab program becomes obvious. Alcoholism destroys lives and sows destruction in the...

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Exclusive Alcohol Rehab

The cycle of problem drinking and alcoholism is a miserable way to live. If you've tried to stop drinking but just can't find a way that works then you might need help from an exclusive alcohol rehab. If you've had enough of the misery and chaos that problem drinking...

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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcohol is an immensely powerful drug. Once you've crossed the line from alcohol abuse to alcohol dependence your mind and body need alcohol regularly just to feel "normal". This means that if you stop drinking your body goes into withdrawal and you feel very ill....

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JHB Alcohol Rehabs

Many people suffering from alcohol addiction are in denial of the problem and need to undergo a process in order to become ready to come to alcohol rehabs in Johannesburg (JHB).  The problem with this is that because alcoholism is a progressive illness it will get...

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Rehab Help For Me

Living the life of an addict or alcoholic isn’t easy. It takes constant effort to keep up with the compulsion to drink. Read more about it on We Do Recover.

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