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    Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

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Bipolar Disorder

- formerly known as manic depression is a mental disorder that causes shifts in energy, mood, activity and the capacity to perform day to day tasks. There are three types of bipolar disorder which all show obvious changes in mood, energy and activity. They produce...

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Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety for the most part, is a normal response in potentially dangerous or stressful situations. The automatic fight-or-flight mode in the brain is triggered when circumstances arise that are perceived as threatening. A healthy amount of anxiety is necessary as this...

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Adjustment Disorder

- sometimes referred to as situational depression - are a group of conditions that may occur when there is difficulty coping with a stressful life event. This can include death, divorce or any event that overwhelms a person. Everyone encounters stress at some point or...

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How to Stop a Relapse After Making a Mistake

If you have just used drugs or alcohol after completing a stay inside an addiction treatment centre, you have two options: 1. To stop using drugs and alcohol, learn from your mistake and become even more driven to achieve long term sobriety 2. To give up on your...

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Helping an Alcoholic Partner

If you are worried about how much alcohol your husband, wife, boyfriend or even girlfriend drinks, then you’re at the right place. Helping an alcoholic partner is no easy task. If your loved one is aggressive, you could be afraid of the response or the reaction you...

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What causes a mood disorder?

A normal day in our lives is a proverbial roller coaster of feelings. Due to a positive event that has taken place, we feel on top of the world and then the next day we are feeling down and sad due to a negative event that we have experienced. These fluctuations in...

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Bipolar Mood Disorder – Psychiatric Help.

Bipolar mood disorder used to be known as “manic-depression.” The condition is categorized by elevated (high) and severely low mood swings, either together or separated by months or even years. No specific timeframe exists within which these mood swings can and will...

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