Effective Drug Rehab

There are many drug rehab programs on offer around the world. It seems however that there are very few effective drug rehab programs that stand out as wheat from the chaff. Finding one that suits your individual needs can be difficult. Many people are flying considerable distances to be admitted to an effective drug rehab program.

An effective drug rehab program will be able to demonstrate expertise in treating co-occurring psychological disorders (“dual diagnosis”) alongside chemical dependency.

An effective drug rehab program will match your individual case history.

There are many factors to be considered:

  • How long have you been addicted?
  • Are you addicted to any behaviours (gambling, eating, sex, etc)
  • Which substances have you abused?
  • Are there signs that you need to be assessed for a dual diagnosis?
  • Have you been in addiction treatment before?
  • And others…

The answers to these questions will influence what sort of facility will offer an effective drug rehab program for your particular needs. Drug addiction treatment should be a unique experience for each person who is admitted. A comprehensive treatment plan will be developed to suit the individual. Progress will be closely monitored so that adjustments can be made where needed.

An effective drug rehab program will include a diverse selection of therapeutic activities. Apart from psychotherapy there should be a range of ancillary activities such as yoga, art therapy, equine assisted therapy and drama therapy. These various approaches will allow clients to explore themselves in fresh and exciting new ways. By focusing on the individual as a whole an effective drug rehab program will expose the core of addiction and facilitate change.

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