Drug Rehab Counsellor

Drug rehab centers in South Africa generally employ a multi-disciplinary team. The combined skill and training of many professionals working together allows the patient to be viewed from many angles and each facet treated carefully. Your drug rehab counsellor may be a member of one of these professions who has specialised in addictions treatment. Your drug rehab counsellor will play a vital role in your treatment and is responsible for overseeing your recovery plan. It is your drug rehab counsellor who performs the assessment of your needs and tailors the program to suit you.

Drug Rehab Counsellor

A drug rehab counsellor will work on helping the addict overcome denial. By looking at how her behaviour has been unmanageable because of drug use the addict will be helped to acknowledge the full extent of the problem. This helps the addict to become motivated to change and find recovery that will bring freedom from this obsessive and destructive behaviour. The drug rehab counsellor will work closely with the addict in developing a realistic strategy to accomplish these changes.

You will see your drug rehab counsellor for individual counselling sessions but much of the counselling in a drug rehab center in South Africa is conducting in a group setting. Group therapy has been shown to be very effective in treating addiction for a number of reasons. The group becomes a source of strength and support for each other. Having a group therapy session available as a forum in which to share problems and receive support is very valuable. The group in a drug rehab center is also a source of accountability. They will help each other to examine the blind spots in their denial. Many people looking at a problem are likely to identify more nuances in the problem and develop divergent solutions. By realising that there are other people with similar problems and concerns the addict starts to feel a sense of social affiliation (“part of” society) and less ashamed. Group therapy is facilitated by a drug rehab counsellor who is trained to keep the group on track, productive and safe. This helps the group to get the most out of the session.

Family Counselling Drug Rehab Counsellors

Drug rehab counsellors are also involved in providing family counselling sessions. The family of a drug addict are often very badly affected by the substance abuse and addiction. Watching helplessly as a loved one cycle into destruction is traumatic in itself. A drug rehab counsellor will help the family come to terms with the illness and provide them with useful information on how to deal with an addict. The family may meet with the addict in the drug rehab center and have an opportunity to express their hurt and frustration. This helps the family to move forward and lets the addict know that his/her behaviour has been unacceptable.

A drug rehab counsellor will provide customised treatment to each individual. Although the disease of addiction has general themes each addict has a unique makeup. A drug rehab counsellor will develop a rich understanding of the addict’s background and develop a comprehensive treatment program that focuses on each area of difficulty.

Ultimate Goal Of A Drug Rehab Counsellor

Ultimately the goal of a drug rehab counsellor is to empower the client to live successfully. The final task in the therapeutic relationship is to help the client claim full responsibility when leaving treatment. Where the addict once relied on chemicals to medicate feelings they are now able to use the skills and knowledge the drug rehab counsellor imparted. The drug rehab counsellor will manage the reintegration process so that the addict has a careful relapse prevention plan and has realistic goals and plans. Leaving a residential drug rehab center can be a difficult experience and many clients opt to attend step down facilities to ease this transition. The drug rehab counsellor will make referral arrangements and work with the step-down facility so that a seamless transition is accomplished.

drug rehab counsellors are caring people who provide non-judgmental support and encouragement for addicts wanting to find recovery.

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