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Do you suffer or know of someone struggling from an addiction to valium?

If so, then it’s important to get you or your loved one into treatment in order to provide the possibility of living a normal and happy life again.

Here are a few general signs and symptoms to look out in order to determine if you or a loved one is addicted as well as the treatment options available.

What is Valium?

Valium, also known generically as diazepam, is a tranquilizing prescription drug used to reduce anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, epileptic fits, dizziness and alcohol withdrawal.

Valium can commonly be found in the form of tablets ranging in different colours and sizes, yellow being the smallest and blue being the biggest.

The drug is usually ingested orally however it can also be injected into the body.

While it helps to reduce all of the symptoms mentioned above, valium is highly addictive and those who abuse the drug quickly become tolerant and will need higher doses of the drug to experience the pleasure it creates.

Valium affects the mind and body and once used, the effects are experienced within a half hour after oral ingestion and five minutes if taken intravenously.

The drug is so potent that it’s possible to become addicted to it within two weeks.

Valium Addiction Helpline

Signs and Symptoms of Valium Addiction

Valium PillsThere are general symptoms to look out for in an individual suffering from addiction to valium such as tiredness, stomach pains, impaired vision and speech, hallucination and respiratory problems.

Memory loss has also been linked to excessive and prolonged use of the drug.

When valium is not available, withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating and convulsions are experienced.

Increased tolerance to valium may also cause overdoses, as the addict will need more to achieve a desired effect and some common indicators to look out for are disorientation, slow bodily reflexes, tiredness and in some cases the individual may fall into a coma.

Valium Addiction Treatment

A residential stay at rehabilitation center is the first step towards recovery.

This includes medical detoxification which helps in removing the drug out of the body, however it is no cure.

Are You Addicted To Valium?Group therapy and counselling are also done in order to educate the individual about their addiction and how to stay away from the drug.

Following treatment, secondary care in the form of halfway houses are available, which serves as an in depth continuation of what was taught while residing at the rehab.

Tertiary care also helps in slowly integrating the addict back into society, and showing them ways on how to avoid triggers that could cause a relapse.

Recovery from any addiction requires the help of a suitable rehabilitation center and it remains the same for those addicted to valium.

Finding the correct rehabilitation can be a tricky task, so it is advisable to have an addictions counsellor do an assessment and helping you pick the right one.

Call us or send us an email now, and we can help put you in the best rehab available.

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