Welconol Drug Addiction Treatment Centres in SA and the UK

SA and UK rehab treatment for Welconol. Welconol is a prescription analgesic drug containing a type of methadone known as dipipanone.

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If you or someone you know is addicted to welconol, it’s important to know what the substance is and what can be done to stop using it.

What is Welconol?

Welconol (also labelled as pinks or inxs) is a prescription analgesic drug containing a type of methadone known as dipipanone.

Welconol is classed in the same category of drugs such as heroin as it causes a similar effect, mainly the slowing down of the nervous system.

Welconol is a medicine used in the treatment of pain caused by life threatening diseases such as cancer.

Usually found in the form of a pinkish-coloured tablet, welconol causes feelings of pleasure and satisfaction when ingested.

The drug can also be taken in a powdered form mixed with water or it can be injected into an individual.

When the injection technique is used, the immediate effect of pleasure lasts for half a minute and its euphoria lasts for approximately an hour.

Signs and Symptoms of Welconol Addiction

While everyone’s signs and symptoms of addiction will differ, there are common indicators to look for.

Physical symptoms such as sleeplessness, vomiting, weight loss, breathing problems and low blood pressure are all common in individuals who abuse welconol.

Psychological changes such as mood swings, confusion and vertigo can also be experienced when the drug is used excessively.

Overdose is common as people who use the drug forget that they already had a dosage and have another.

To pick up if an individual has overdosed on welconol, look for signs such as breathing problems, thin pupils and hypotension.

Death is a major risk for those who abuse welconol as it is seen as abnormal for an individual addicted to the drug to live longer than five years. Decreasing dosages may not even help as many people fall into comas.

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Welconol Addiction Treatment

It’s important for an individual addicted to welconol to get into rehabilitation as soon as possible.

In rehab, a medical detoxification will be performed in order to safely remove any withdrawal symptoms that might occur due to cessation from the drug.

The individual will also be educated about their addiction and shown how to stay away from welconol as well as any triggers that might cause a relapse.

Secondary care can also be done once out of rehabilitation, as it serves as a continuation of what was taught at the clinic, in a further detail. This can be done by residing at a ‘halfway house’.

Tertiary care is also beneficial in preparing the individual for a return into society and maintaining abstinence for a healthy and drug free life.

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