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Medical aid pays for rehab. Our different rehab centres allow you to pick a program suited to you, allowing comprehensive treatment for your individual circumstances.

Call 081 444 7000 in South Africa. Medical Aid Pays for Treatment.

UK: 0800 955 4357 for admission to SA’s best rehabs.

Let’s define quality treatment and debunks myths.

  • Addictions treatment is demanding and there’s little time to relax and unwind. Receiving high-quality treatment requires courage and work. Patients often drop into bed at the end of each day exhausted.
  • An individually tailored treatment is more likely to lead to a successful recovery. A variety of treatment options is desirable including medical support, therapy, and even social, vocational and legal guidance.
  • Clinical teams will push for meaningful engagement to allow patients to take responsibility for their illness and their recovery.
  • Treatment plans should be assessed regularly, in consultation with the team of rehab consultants as well as patients and altered where necessary.
  • Good organisational standards are essential in rehabilitation centres as they lead to a well maintained and balanced facility. Rehab centres with poor organisational standards will more than likely have poor results.
  • Professionally trained, experienced and empathic staff will create a positive addiction recovery atmosphere. Without properly trained staff your chances of recovery are reduced.
  • The duration of stay at any rehab centre needs to be considered when choosing a treatment centre. Generally, one to three months is an agreed length of stay where relapse is less likely to happen. In most cases, the longer the stay in rehab, the greater the success in recovery.
  • Relapse prevention should be the long-term goal and a holistic treatment including the restoration of emotional, mental and physical well-being. Motivation and self-effort needs to be included in the therapy programs. The client’s unhelpful attitudes and beliefs should be uncovered and overcome in an encouraging manner.
  • Aftercare should be available in the form of self-help groups and one on one therapy sessions.
  • Some of our rehabs are on the beach, but not all have a tranquil setting.  It’s a misconception that time away from stress is a key component of quality care.

logo sml2 - Rehab Centres in South AfricaMedical Aid Pays for treatment.

Call 081 444 7000 in South Africa for immediate admission to the best private treatment centres.

If you’re calling from the UK, dial 0800 955 4357

Recovery does not take place overnight, it’s a process. This process will continue throughout life where daily choices are made to stay in recovery and not slide back into addictive thinking and behaviour.

All recovering drug addicts relapse mentally, emotionally and spiritually before they physically pick up and drink alcohol or use drugs. Being vigilant about where we are in our recovery and the choices we’re making will lead to long-term recovery.

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