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Drug Detox in South Africa

There are a considerable number of addiction treatment centres in South Africa that offer drug detoxification, both private and state funded. It is vital to exercise care in selecting the detox facility which best suits the needs of the suffering addict. The overall quality of care at private drug detox clinics in South Africa is much better than the state run rehab’s. It’s also important to understand the basics of the beginning of the addiction recovery process as this will help you to choose the best addiction clinic for your loved ones needs. The first stage of treatment for drug addiction or dependency is a well managed and medically supervised detoxification process. This can vary in length of time according to the substance involved and how long the patient has been addicted to that specific drug. The detox process must take place at a registered addictions treatment centre. Most of these South African addiction centres provide in-patient or residential rehab.

The detoxification process often involves the administration of a reducing regime of prescription drugs and needs to be medically supervised for the safety of the patient. The Detox process is central to the start of addiction recovery and treatment. Following a successful detox the addictions clinic will consider the unique aspects of the patient’s specific addiction and an individualised treatment programme specifically tailored to suit their needs will be negotiated and agreed upon. The majority of the registered addiction rehab facilities in South Africa have adopted the concept of addiction as a disease from which, with proper care and treatment, recovery is possible. In addition to the notion of abstinence from all mood or mind altering substances these detox facilities will seek to encourage behavioural changes, changes in attitudes and changes in the addicts belief systems with a view to improving the addicts overall way of life.

Drug detoxification and addictions treatment at a recognised South African facility will help the addict to understand their illness, its impact and implications on all areas of their lives. In doing so the addicted person will receive carefully planned treatment to help them accept that this illness can not be cured as such but can be lived with in a positive and responsible manner. It’s interesting that South African addictions treatment centres are becoming world renowned for the overall quality of care, including the initial drug Detox, and are attracting addicted and alcoholic patients from all our the world.

Like the detoxification process, addiction treatment tends to be relatively short, quite intense and usually incorporates the 12 Step Minnesota model. Most reputable alcohol and addiction rehab facilities in South Africa will offer individual counselling including family conferences with the addicted loved one  (Conjoints) and a special family programme. It’s crucial to the long term addiction recovery of patients that the family learns to adopt a stance that will support recovery and not enable relapse. This includes not ‘walking on eggshells’ around the patient, hiding alcohol or treating them differently and pandering to their needs. In addition, all quality and registered drug Detox rehabs in South Africa will allow the addict to explore their addiction and clear away the wreckage of their past through regular therapeutic groups. This specialised form of group therapy allows for the dismantling of the addict or alcoholics denial system, a cognitive / mental process that allows a continued return to alcohol and drugs.

Without the appropriate and professional addictions specific counselling it can only be expected that a drug detox in South Africa or anywhere else in the world will not enable addicted people to attain long term addiction recovery.  Without addressing the peculiar mental twist that allows addicted people to return to using drugs it’s a matter of time before they relapse again. A drug detox in South Africa is a crucial first step in recovery from addiction, but a detoxification by no means equals addiction recovery. Specialist groups, after the drug detox in South Africa, may include grief, trauma and loss, co-dependency, eating disorders, sexual behaviours, gambling and other areas of problem behaviour for the addict.

South African addiction treatment centres, after the drug detox, will also provide formal lectures with themes such as recognising and understanding addiction and addictive thinking and behaviours, steps towards a sustained and positive recovery and active planning for the prevention of relapse.  Relapse prevention will normally be a major feature of any reputable addictions treatment centres programme. Written assignments will be used to support both the lectures and to underpin the therapeutic group work. Many facilities also concentrate on general life skills and socialisation as well as encouraging addicts to consider physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a life without mood altering substances.  This can only be done after a complete detoxification from all drugs. A top class, detox and addictions rehab will also ensure that the addict has access to attend 12 Step Fellowship meetings whilst still engaged in treatment to help introduce the addict to this central part of their ongoing recovery. Any South African registered and reputable drug detox and addictions treatment centre will also have an extensive discharge planning process and access to good quality aftercare.

All of these early components of the recovery process can only begin once the full detoxification from all drugs has been completed and the addict is able to participate with some clarity of thought. In this detoxified physical condition the mental and emotional state of your addicted loved one will be much more receptive to the objectives of the South African addictions treatment programme.  Therefore, once the addicted person has completed a drug detox in South Africa, they’ll have a greater chance of success and with that the start to a new life and a sustainable recovery.

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