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Do you need alcohol rehab?

Do you:

  • Feel like you need to drink alcohol in any situation?
  • Drink alcohol every day?
  • Have a relationship with alcohol that you regard more important than everyone & everything in your life?

If this is you, then you might need alcohol rehab.

Also known as alcoholism, alcohol addiction is an incurable brain disease that will continue to get worse the longer it’s left untreated.

Here are 7 of the most common symptoms of alcohol addiction:

  • You can’t control how much alcohol you drink
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking
  • You drink alcohol to get rid of these withdrawal symptoms
  • You need to drink more & more alcohol to experience its effects
  • You suffer chronic health problems because of your alcohol usage
  • You’ve lost important relationships, your job & other activities because of your drinking
  • You want to quit alcohol, but you can’t do it alone

Alcohol addiction has the ability to damage everything that’s important to you: your family, friends, health & your career. With that, your self-esteem & self-respect will also be thrown out of the window, leaving you thinking that alcohol is your best friend.

Unfortunately, the reality is that alcohol changes how you act & think, making you behave totally out of character. You also start taking more risks than usual as your ability to make rational decisions will also be affected.

One of the most important aspects of making a successful recovery from alcohol addiction is to recognise that you have a problem sooner rather than later. If you notice the signs & symptoms mentioned above in yourself or a loved one, then it’s important to get professional help immediately.

The best & safest way to treat alcoholism is to stay inside an alcohol rehab centre, where you will receive medical care, counselling therapy & education.

The minimum stay inside an alcohol rehab centre is 4 weeks (28 days) however an accurate estimation can only be made on the nature & severity of your addiction. For example, those who have used alcohol for years will more than likely need to stay in treatment longer than someone who has only recently become addicted, hence why we say the sooner the better!

The main aim of alcohol rehab is to prepare you with the necessary skills to safely return back to society clean & sober.

In alcohol rehab, you will receive a supervised medical detox, counselling & therapy & education.

The detox helps to remove the harmful toxins of alcohol out of the body & also minimizes the withdrawal symptoms & cravings that you’ll experience.

Counselling, therapy & education helps you to understand why you became addicted to alcohol, teaches you ways on how to avoid making the same mistake in future and provides you with the necessary skills to achieve long term sobriety.

Get Into Alcohol Rehab Today!

We can provide you or a loved one with immediate admission into the best private alcohol rehab centres in South Africa, the United Kingdom & Thailand. Call us now & let one of our qualified addiction counsellors provide you with free, expert & confidential advice.

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