UK Rehab Centres

WeDoRecover can help you get access to the best addiction treatment centres in the the United Kingdom. UK Addiction Rehab Centres

UK Addiction Rehab Centres

Our residential (inpatient) addiction treatment clinics and outpatient rehabilitation centres, provide high-quality treatment suited to your needs.

We have treatment centres which focus on teenagers, or young mothers. We also have rehabs which deal specifically with alcohol, drugs or eating disorders.

There are different budgets based around types of treatment and level of accommodation. Contact us on 0800 955 4357 from the UK to find out more.

We offer high quality medical care in a range of locations from central towns to rural countryside, a wide variety of addiction treatment facilities at different rehab centres in the UK.

Addiction Clinics in the UK

One way of telling which rehab is most appropriate for you is looking at the cost and length of stay. The addiction clinics in the UK range from effective and affordable private clinics offering great value for money, NHS funded facilities and exclusive private clinics with accommodation and service similar to a five star hotel.

There are many cases when people in the UK are eligible for free addictions treatment and we’ll refer you to your local DAT (Drug & Alcohol Team) should you not be able to access our clinics due to budget constraints.

The UK is fortunate to have large numbers of private rehab clinics often run by people in recovery themselves, and they are keen to provide value for money treatment. Their rates are therefore very reasonable and the accommodation provided is typically a small bedroom, possibly shared and many communal areas with TV, games and activities.

At the very top end of the market some small exclusive rehab clinics have been setup giving privacy and a very personal level of service. The accommodation will be more similar to a five star hotel with a large room with DVD, widescreen TV and WIFI, one to one therapy and counseling.

Some of these addiction clinics offer the full spectrum of treatment including the detox and rehab and others concentrate solely on the rehab part of the treatment.

If you are looking for help and advice in choosing the most suitable addiction clinic in the UK then call one of our professional addiction counselors for assessment and referral to a private rehab for immediate admission. In some cases we can even arrange discounted fee’s on your behalf.

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