Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

The questions below are designed to help you assess whether you have a drinking problem, we hope you find them useful. If you’re unsure and would like to talk to someone about your drinking please feel free to call us at any point.

If you suspect that your drinking has got out of hand & you have a problem that’s beyond your control, these questions can help you to identify how severe that problem is and what you can do to begin to do to get some alcoholism help.

The below questions are courtesy of Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. This quiz provides a more in-depth scoring and screening for alcohol-related addiction disorders.

Detailed Alcohol Problem Questionnaire

Ask yourself the following questions:

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Generally by the time someone begins to consider whether they have a drinking problem, that in itself may indicate a problem. It’s often the family members of alcoholics that first realise the severity of the drinking problem and pressure the person into getting some form of treatment. If you’re concerned about someone’s drinking please see these questions on how to diagnose an alcoholism or drug addiction problem in someone else.


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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Addressing alcohol addiction involves an approach that begins with detoxification under professional medical supervision to manage withdrawal symptoms safely. Following detox, inpatient rehab provides a structured environment for those with severe addiction, offering 24/7 care and equipping individuals with skills for managing post-rehab life, including handling triggers and potential relapses. Additionally, ongoing alcohol therapy sessions are crucial, offering a supportive space for individuals to explore underlying causes of their addiction and develop strategies for sustained sobriety and overall health. This comprehensive process accentuates the importance of professional guidance and support for both the addict and their loved ones, facilitating healing and recovery.

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