How are you? Well I hope and taking advantage of the rest of your summer! Here its biting cold…

Despite this, morale is good. I’m coming near the end of my treatment and you were in my thoughts. Going back into treatment and giving myself a last chance was the best decision I ever made and I am grateful to my HP every day. The drug addiction clinic that you recommended is a unique place that is hard to describe in words. But I will try.

I have never in my life come across a place so full of love, constant care and that gives ongoing support from every point of view. It has been just amazing.

Thanks to being back in recovery, I go to bed every night clean, I have my family in my life in a away I have never had them before (not even when I was a child or first in recovery) and I have found people who actually care and accept me for me. It has helped me start doing the same for myself. Makes me want to cry..

I guess I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Okay, enough feelings for one email– take good care, Gareth, stay safe and we’ll be in touch, I’m sure.

If you wish to access in-patient rehab immediately with clinical detox from only £450/R6000 per week

Please call 0800 955 4357 from the UK
or 082 747 3422 from SA

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Addiction can be treated. We have firsthand experience and can offer real insights or support for you or your loved one. Contact us today or call us on 081 444 7000 for a confidential conversation.

At We Do Recover, we're grounded in the belief that to overcoming addiction issues starts with something as simple as a phone call, email or an online chat with us. Our team, has vast experience as addiction counsellors and interventionists, is ready to offer you the support you need right from the start. Our core mission? To provide you with clear, direct help, ensuring you and your loved ones steer clear of treatments that don’t work and find the effective support you deserve. We know all too well how pressing the need is to confront the growing challenges of addiction and how crucial it is to reach out sooner rather than later. Through our blend of personal touch and professional expertise, we’ve guided countless individuals on the path to recovery and we can help you too.

We Do Recover is based in South Africa selected for its combination of some of the best addiction treatment rehab centres at lower treatment costs compared to the US, UK, and Europe. This choice aligns to our mission to provide safe and effective recovery solutions that are both financially accessible and enable a broader reach for individuals seeking help with addiction.

Rehabs in other cities of South Africa.

Our network encompasses rehab centers adept at addressing a wide array of addiction types ranging from substance abuse to behaviour disorders like anorexia. These selected facilities offer bespoke evidence based mental health wellness and programs through professional teams designed to help each individual case within the supportive care environments.

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