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Rehab Centres Gauteng

  • Addiction & Alcohol Rehab Centres
Changes addiction & mental health treatment centres in Johannesburg, Gauteng offer medical detox, short and long-term residential treatment, outpatient programs and aftercare for adult men and women who are struggling with AUD and SUD (Alcohol Use Disorder and Substance Use Disorders) and mental health issues.

1) Assessment & Treatment.

Changes treatment centres will provide an assessment to determine the severity of the addiction and mental health problems and begin to develop a treatment plan that will meet the patient’s needs.

We offer the full spectrum of care and outpatient treatment may be appropriate. Should the addiction include withdrawal symptoms, then inpatient treatment will be necessary. Our doctor is very experienced at detoxifying patients with all forms of addictions. Alcohol is usually the most dangerous drug to withdraw from. Once the doctor has completed the physical assessment and prescribed medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, the medication will be administered by the 24-hour nursing staff. Detoxification length can range from a few days to, in severe benzodiazepine addiction, weeks or even months. For those who have had sustained recovery and then relapsed – treatment lengths can include a 3-7 day detox and two-week relapse prevention programme focussed on what’s gone wrong and what needs to change. This type of “relapse autopsy” is useful in identifying issues and having a concrete treatment plan in place to ensure accountability.

Most patients stay for a 21 to 28-day primary care phase, and medical aid covers the bulk of costs. We know that for severe addictions, a key predictor of successful rehab is the length of treatment. Research has shown that for these patients rehab of less than 90 days is of little value, which is why we have long-term treatment options available.

Yes, the cost of long-term rehab can be expensive, but what’s the cost of not getting treatment? Addiction rehab is a financial investment, one that pays off handsomely. Californian studies have shown that for every dollar spent on treatment, $7 are saved in a reduction in crime and health care costs. Paying to get your loved one into recovery empowers them to get back on their feet in every way, including financially. Once they’re back to fully functioning, their earning capacity will be much greater.

We offer a secondary care programme that will get patients to 90 days clean and sober in residential treatment. Thereafter many patients choose to live in a halfway house to reintegrate back into daily life with healthy recovery routines. Our facilities base their treatment on the 12-Step abstinence-based model, with a strong focus on mental health. Around 50% of alcoholics and 70% of addicts have what’s known as a dual diagnosis. This means that without comprehensive care, addressing both the addiction and mental health issues, as well as underlying trauma and the causes and condition that contributed to addiction in the first place… the likelihood of a positive outcome for treatment is diminished.

The main focus of primary care is to dismantle denial and allow the patient to gain an acute sense of:

  1. the nature of the problem &
  2. the severity of their condition.

Without this being achieved the addicted patient will not see the need for the necessary lifestyle and behavioural changes.

The longer-term objectives in secondary care and halfway house are to ensure the focus remains on the above dual diagnosis and relapse prevention. Once our clients can begin taking responsibility for their recovery they can start building a sober support network. This may include 12-step fellowships, mindfulness and motivation, exercise and nutrition practices, managing relapse symptoms and ensuring their life promotes long-term sobriety.

Medical Aid pays for treatment. CALL NOW!  081 444 7000

2) Outpatient treatment.

The least intensive rehab involves two or three hours a day, five days a week. We can arrange halfway house living while attending an outpatient programme.

3) Inpatient treatment. 

The most intensive with 24-hour supervision and full-day programmes addressing all aspects of addiction and recovery. Each patient has an aftercare plan compiled in consultation with the clinical team and their family with access to the ex-patient therapy groups.

2) Staff credentials.

Accredited staff includes doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and counsellors. Staff level of training and experience is what makes them experts.

3) Rehab accommodation & amenities.

Our various clinics and rehabs make allowances for value-for-money rehab and more upmarket treatment centres. Recreational activities can include yoga, pilates, hiking, swimming and gym.

4) Rehab locations.

Our Joburg rehabs are located mostly in the Northern Suburbs: Northcliff, Ruimsig, Auckland Park and Fairland. Our rehabs are staffed by certified addiction experts, are the best in the province and effectively treat:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Prescription medication addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Eating Disorders

We provide the full continuum of care: outpatient, detox, and fully residential short and long-term programmes.

Medical Aid pays for treatment. CALL NOW!   081 444 7000

At first, an individual assessment leads to an individualised treatment plan that meets your specific needs. Detoxification is the first step in treatment and, with the help of appropriate medication, usually the easiest, part of comprehensive rehabilitation. Once detoxified, the real work begins in helping patients to increase their awareness of active addictions consequence’s to themselves, their loved ones, work etc. Once this is achieved we can get down to ’causes & conditions’, the reasons as to why and how we became addicted in the first place.

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    Our Gauteng rehab centres provide an eclectic mix of individual counselling, lectures and group therapy, as well as engaging family in the treatment process through an educative lecture series and conjoints (family therapy) with your addicted, loved one. Once patients have begun to assume responsibility for their addiction and recovery then the clinical team can begin to look at the reintegration process and help the patient to get back into work and home life with their newfound sobriety.

    If you’re looking for a Johannesburg rehab centre call us now on 081 444 7000 we’re waiting for your call.

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