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May 21st, 2012

Alcohol 2235 230x300 - Amount Of AlcoholThe World Health Organisation has discovered that the quantity of alcohol that can damage your health is the drinking of more than 21 units for males and 14 units for females, weekly.

It has also been discovered that if an individual consumes alcohol for more than 5 days a week, it is deemed as alcohol abuse.

In simple terms, damage can occur when males consume 8 pints of the same strength of beer weekly and females consume 1 and a half bottles of wine per week.

100 units of alcohol consumption per week for males and 70 units for females is enough to begin the process of alcoholism.

Coincidentally, the consumption of one unit of alcohol, for five days a week is considered to be healthy because of its protective effect it has on the heart.

By immediately stopping the use of alcohol is not the way to go if you want to reduce the amounts you consume. If you are addicted to alcohol, a slow reduction is the best way to do it as immediate abstinence could be extremely harmful if you are already suffering withdrawal symptoms.

There are lots of treatment options that can help you to abstain from alcohol. Call us now to discuss the best ways to reduce your alcohol use.

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