Mental health model

The mental health model sees behaviour as the result of an internal thought process combined with certain automatic functions beyond our control.

The mental health model therefore sees addiction as being based in the psychological processes that make up our personality. There are many different schools of thought within the discipline of psychology and so there is a lot of variation in treatment methods.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a technique developed within the mental health model of addiction. In an addictions treatment context it is used to help clients identify the cognitive processes that lead to relapse and find ways to modify these thoughts in order to avoid dangerous situations.

Elements of a drug rehab program based on the mental health model will focus on working through a patients psychological makeup and resolving issues. Examples may include: unblocking emotions tied up to childhood trauma, understanding resentments and finding ways to confront people appropriately, or even just giving the person a chance to cry (which can be cathartic).

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