Addiction and the Helping Professions

Professions dedicated to aiding others in times of trauma and disaster, such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, psychologists, police officers and paramedics, play a important role in our society. These individuals face trauma and illness daily, a demanding reality that requires resilience. However, even the strongest among them aren’t immune to the emotional toll of their […]

Stop Drugs Advice Part 1

There are several clear facts about effective treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. The first is that if someone addicted to alcohol or other drugs asks for help to quit, the sooner they can access quality addictions treatment the better their chances for a positive outcome. On the other hand, due to the delusion and denial associated with active […]

Opium Addiction

Are you or someone you love addicted to Opium? If you answered yes, then it’s important to know everything regarding the drug. Below we will explain what opium is, what the signs and symptoms of someone who is addicted to it are and lastly, how it can be treated. What is Opium? Used as a […]

Xanax Addiction

Are you or someone you know addicted to xanax? If so, then treatment needs to be sought after immediately. If you’re wondering what xanax is and how someone can get addicted to it, continue reading below as we will discuss this, as well as the signs and symptoms and treatment options available. What is Xanax? […]

Addiction Help

Complete Guide To Getting Help With Addiction If you’re reading this, you or someone close to you might be facing the challenges of addiction. Understanding addiction is a critical step towards healing, not just for the individual grappling with it but also for those around them. Addiction is more than a series of choices; it’s […]


Finding The Best Rehab in Johannesburg Finding the right rehab in Johannesburg for alcohol or drug addiction is crucial and We Do Recover can help. They offer guidance to the best rehab centers, ensuring access to comprehensive care including detoxification and aftercare. Recognising the need for rehab is the first step towards recovery. Both drug […]

Tips For Returning To Work After Addiction Rehabilitation

Going back to work after a stint in an addiction rehabilitation centre can be a very intimidating task. The recovering addict might feel like their reputation has been damaged, be under the impression that people will treat them differently or will have no confidence in their ability to perform their duties. The fear of being […]

What are the Stages of Alcoholism

What are the Stages of Alcoholism? Alcoholism is an unrelenting physical and mental disease that over time and continued use of alcohol gets worse and worse and may eventually lead to death if left untreated. It’s an illness that can happen to anyone regardless of what age you are, what colour your skin is or […]

The Costs of Delaying Alcohol Treatment

The Costs of Delaying Alcohol Treatment Did you know that in the US, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that approximately 23,5 million people above the age of 12 need alcohol treatment but only 2,6 million actually get help? This statistic is very alarming, if you consider how dangerous an alcohol […]

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