Rehab Centres Surrey

Based in the stunning country side of Surrey, this residential rehab treatment centre is less than an hour from Central London.

This residential clinic has one of the best drug rehab completion statistics of any addiction treatment centre in the United Kingdom.

Residential Rehab Treatment in Surrey

Their treatment programmes are thorough and efficient, which have proven to be highly effective in achieving long-term recovery.

The treatment programme adopted by this residential rehab treatment centre is centred on a more holistic approach, meaning that it treats every facet of the individual, not just the addiction.

This helps this Surrey residential rehab centre to treat current problems as well as any underlying issues that the individual may be experiencing, which assists in ensuring a better success rate for recovery.

This residential rehab treatment also focuses on how the addiction has affected the addict physically, emotionally, psychologically, how it affects their relationships with loved ones as well as their careers and will show them how to improve their general quality of life.

Treatment will also include different types of support and services, including group counselling and individual therapy, education, gentle exercise, art therapy, healthy nutrition, journaling, cognitive restructuring and aftercare, all of which are designed to better your or a loved one’s chances of recovery.

Since addiction doesn’t only affect the addict but also the people that love them the most, this rehab centre also offers an intensive family support programme.

This Surrey residential rehab treatment centre is a recognised healthcare provider to all the major Private Medical Insurers, including BUPA, AXA PPP, Cigna and many more. They are registered with the CSCI (Commission for Social Care Inspections) to ensure quality and safety.

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