Depression Causes

Depression is the most common cause of disability in South Africa. It is reported that those who suffer with depression will initially experience it in their late teens or early twenties. Age, culture or gender could potentially change the way one experiences depression; however, most forms of depression would include the following symptoms: Frequent crying […]

Respiratory Depression

Respiratory depression is a serious health issue, particularly linked to substance use and overdose, characterised by reduced or halted breathing. It’s particularly concerning with opioid use, as these drugs suppress the central nervous system and breathing. The connection between opioid use and respiratory depression is well-established with opioids impacting the brain’s respiratory centers, leading to […]

Refractory Depression

Refractory Depression or Treatment-Resistant Depression Refractory Depression, also known as Treatment-Resistant Depression, is a form of depression that does not respond to traditional therapeutic interventions. Typically, a diagnosis of refractory depression is considered when a patient’s depressive symptoms fail to improve sufficiently after trials of at least two different antidepressants, each taken for an adequate […]

Depression and Addiction

Understanding Depression and Addiction When you check into a substance rehabilitation centre in South Africa, it’s not uncommon to observe signs of depression. Distinguishing between depression arising from the consequences of addiction and depression stemming from an independent mood disorder can be challenging, especially during the initial stages of recovery. During the early phases of recuperation, […]

Depression Treatment

Depression manifests in numerous variants, each distinguished by the intensity, duration and underlying causes of its symptoms. Identifying the specific type of depression is vital for administering the most effective treatment. The expertise of healthcare professionals in depression treatment facilities is crucial. They possess the nuanced understanding required to accurately determine the nature of a […]

The Different Types of Depression

The Different Types of Depression Depression is much more than just feeling sad. It comes in various forms and can have adverse effects when it’s left untreated. In this article, we’re going to tell you what the different types of depression are and also, how you can get help for yourself or a loved one. […]

help yourself out of depression

How To Get Yourself Through Depression If you are suffering from depression, rest assured that there’s no easy way out. Even if you managed to get treatment, recovery is a long process but it’s most definitely worth the effort. While it may be lengthy, it doesn’t mean that you should be relaxing. In order to […]

How to Ensure That Your Depression Doesnt Return

Did you know that even if you completed a stint in depression treatment, you are still at risk of suffer a relapse? Unfortunately, no depression clinic can guarantee that you will recover from this mental illness as there is no cure for it. Recovery requires lots of hard work, dedication and commitment. So why does […]

How to Avoid Depression

Developing depression has almost become as common as catching a cold. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that globally, there are 350 million people suffering from this mental illness. While this statistic may be alarming, you don’t have to become a part of it, that’s why in this article, we are going to tell you […]

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