Rehab Centres Western Cape

Our Western Cape rehab centre is focused on both the person and the family during addiction treatment and provides a flexible and results-driven approach to treatment.

This was the first Minnesota model, 12 step facilitation addiction treatment centre in South Africa and is very experienced, having treated over 10,000 patients and their families.

Addictions Treatment Rehab Centres

For more severe addictions, treatment usually starts with a period of detoxification at an inpatient rehabilitation centre.
Including the clinical detox, managed by doctors and nurses the full Primary Care treatment phase usually lasts between a minimum of 21 and 42 days (3-6 weeks).

Not everyone requires a period of detoxification and most people can join the actual treatment program on the day of admission, attending group therapy, lectures and individual counselling immediately.

Our team of professionals at this Western Cape addictions treatment centre are experience in handling even the most complex and long standing cases of drug addiction and alcoholism.
Some people cannot leave their work place and engage in full time addictions treatment, and this is one addictions centre which will provide treatment in the form of counselling and group therapy to fit around a working day.

This addiction centre provides an extensive outpatient programme focusing on learning the skills required to stay sober or addiction free in the future.

Types of Addictions

This rehabilitation centre is experienced in all forms of addictions, including drug addiction, alcohol addiction, binge drinking, gambling addiction and eating disorders.

logo sml2 - Rehab Centres Western CapeCall us on 081 444 7000 for immediate admission (normal cellular rates apply) or in the UK call 0800 955 4357 (toll free)

Choosing The Right Addictions Centre

WeDoRecover provide impartial advice to help you choose the best addictions centre for your needs.
We can get you immediate access to addictions treatment and work with a large number of addiction centres in South Africa.