How Safe Are Alcohol Rehab Programs?

As with a number of diseases, there is more than one way to successfully treat alcohol addiction. Because people differ from one individual to the next, they also respond differently to various alcoholism treatment methods – what works for one alcoholic might not necessarily work for another alcoholic.

What is important, however, is that whatever method is chosen, these alcohol rehab programs should include medically supervised alcohol detoxification and have access to emergency medical care. The reason for this is that alcohol dependency is a much more serious condition that many realise and a sudden detox of the system can cause medical complications.

A dependency on alcohol is so much more than simply a strong desire to drink alcohol. It certainly starts with this urge but what was once something that could be taken or left without much effort now becomes something that the body is convinced it needs. Once an alcoholic’s tolerance has increased, which means you have to drink more and more in order to experience the same effect, the alcoholic is at increased risk of becoming dependent or addicted to alcohol. Once addicted to alcohol, the alcoholic’s body will experience strong withdrawal symptoms if the alcohol intake is diminished and if drinking is terminated suddenly – severe withdrawals can result.

Please ensure that you seek professional help from alcohol rehab programs that can monitor and medicate the withdrawal process if necessary. Medical advice when trying to detoxify from alcohol is crucial. Withdrawal symptoms make one feel both physically ill and mentally depressed and anxious. Symptoms include feeling sick, trembling, sweating, craving alcohol and even convulsions.

If left unchecked, the alcoholic will simply increase his or her drinking in order to avoid these symptoms. In extreme cases, withdrawal can even lead to delirium tremens – a severe reaction after stopping alcohol. Symptoms of this include marked tremors (shaking) and delirium (an acute state of confusion). This requires medical supervision and care, as it can be fatal in extreme cases.

Because of the sensitive nature of the treatment of alcoholics, it is obvious that care needs to be taken when considering various alcohol rehab programs. We Do Recover provide free and expert alcohol detox advice by working with the best private alcohol detox clinics in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

Our trained consultants are on hand to receive your call and provide information on clinics in your area. Contact us to help you find the best alcohol clinic for your needs, budget and location.

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