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If you or a loved one needs alcoholism or drug addiction treatment, there are three crucial factors to consider:

  1. The quality of treatment at the rehab centre
  2. The length of treatment
  3. How soon you or your loved one can be admitted to the treatment centre

Studies have shown that people addicted to drugs or alcohol need quality treatment, as soon as possible and for a certain length of time to give them the best chance of recovery from addiction.

Our rehab centres in Johannesburg are among the best addiction treatment programs in South Africa and attract patients from all over the world. Below are some examples of our Johannesburg rehabilitation centres.

Medical Aid Pays for treatment. Call 081 444 7000 in South Africa for immediate admission to the best private treatment centres.  If you’re calling from the UK, dial 0800 955 4357

Detox, Short-Term & Long-Term Treatment.

Our substance abuse rehabilitation centres in johannesburg offer high-quality care for the entire spectrum of addiction treatment from drug and alcohol detoxification through to Primary Care, Secondary Care and long term Tertiary Care (Halfway Houses) and Sober Homes. They also offer an outpatient addiction treatment program for patients who need to continue working and seeing to responsibilities at home while attending rehab. Not everyone can attend full-time, residential treatment.

This is an upmarket addiction treatment centre and the facilities include a swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis, volleyball, gym equipment, sauna, tuck-shop, and a smoking lounge. Bedrooms are shared, primarily for therapeutic reasons.

The addiction treatment team comprises a multidisciplinary collection of medical professionals including a psychologist, occupational therapists, social workers, as well as South African and UK accredited addictions counsellors. They provide a substance abuse treatment program based on respect for the individual within a caring and supportive environment.

This rehab centre is superb at dismantling the addicted or alcoholic person’s denial system and allowing them to begin to take responsibility for their recovery from active alcoholism or addiction. This centre was the second 12 step treatment centre (Minnesota model) in South Africa and is arguably the best Primary Care facility in the country.

Primary, Secondary Care and Sober Homes in Johannesburg

This clinic offers integrated, dual-diagnosis treatment programs, run by an experienced team of addiction treatment consultants, in a comfortable therapeutic environment.

Their treatment philosophy is influenced by the 12-Step (Minnesota) model, current international psychiatric research and classical and modern psychological approaches. All of their patients can expect to be examined by a medical doctor on admission. They have a consultant GP who is able to provide ongoing medical care for inpatients.

Psychiatric consultation will be arranged for patients requiring assessment or ongoing psychiatric care. Patients that are admitted who are already under the care of a psychiatrist will be encouraged to follow-up regularly with their own psychiatrist.

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