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  • Addiction treatment rehab centres

    Addiction treatment rehab centres

    • Medical Aid Pays.
    • Upmarket and exclusive alcohol rehabs.
    • Effective professional treatment of addiction.
    • Full continuum of care, detox to long term.

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Rehab Cape Town Centres

Our Cape Town rehab centres offer the full spectrum of addiction treatment and are chosen to fit your individual circumstances, including your budget. Our team of counsellors are here to help you to find the best help for you or your family.

While many people seeking addiction recovery still go to our Joburg rehab centres, Cape Town has featured as a destination for recovery for a great many expat South Africans living abroad and International visitors to South Africa. The cost of rehab treatment in South Africa is substantially lower than that of treatment overseas, which is what makes Cape Town rehabs such an attractive option for visitors.

While there may be a number of luxury rehabs in Cape Town. We Do Recover is an unbiased, incentivised service that only works toward helping people finding long-term recovery from addiction.

All of our rehab centers in Cape Town that are reccomended by our team are carefully vetted to ensure that they are fully licenced and accredited with the Department Of Health and are compliant with local medical aid services that reduce the cost of treatment for many South Africans. Further to that, these rehab centres offer treatment services that are individualised and that are able actually help the many people that we freely recommend.

Medical Aid / Private Health Insurance pays for treatment.

CALL NOW 081 444 7000 in South Africa to arrange an addiction assessment for treatment in Cape Town.

If in Europe call 0800 955 4357 (freephone) to speak to one of our qualified addictions counsellors.

Cape Town Rehab Treatment Centres

This addiction treatment centre is one of South Africa’s first extended care retreats specialising in addictions, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia as well as other compulsive behaviours within an exclusive, luxury rehab centre.

Their care is built upon a foundation of South Africa’s leading mental health professionals, trained locally and abroad, governed by the highest standards of psychiatric and psychological practice.

They are also and developing programmes tailored to the needs of each individual, offering our clients a genuine opportunity to pursue a life free of addictive obsession and compulsion.

This rehab centre comfortably claims its place amongst the worlds elite clinics.

Long Term Rehab Centre in Cape Town

This private addictions treatment facility in Cape Town offers high-quality care for a number of addictions including substance (drug and alcohol) and behavioural (eating disorders, gambling) addictions.

Offering treatment on a large property set in Cape Town’s indigenous and beautiful “fynbos”. Patients facilities include a games room and swimming pool and all bedrooms are shared.

The multi-disciplinary team of addiction treatment consultants includes social workers, consultant psychiatrists, and addiction counsellors. They are able to offer a continuum of care from detox to step-down facilities.

The founder of this rehab centre trained and worked for years at the first Minnesota Model addictions treatment clinic in South Africa and after training in Cape Town started this centre with the aim of maintaining the overall quality of care whilst making it affordable for everyday people.

Luxury Rehab Centre in Cape Town

Our South African patients are usually on a medical aid and international patients either on private health insurance of self-funding. Our Cape Town treatment centres also attract many international patients that enjoy the superb quality addiction rehab centres and benefit from current exchange rates making treatment more affordable than in their home countries.

Treatment for foreign patients is cheap due to the low South African exchange rates. If you’re paying for treatment yourself we can also arrange discounts, so call us today to discuss your situation.

WeDoRecover’s Cape Town Rehab Centres

WeDoRecover will help you to choose and be admitted to the most appropriate drug rehab centre or alcohol rehab clinic in the Cape Town area and ensure that you get the best deal available to you.

We specialise in doing Interventions for families with loved ones who are resistant to being admitted to a rehab centre.

We’ve chaperoned patients from all over the world to attend the best Cape Town rehab centres and even taken some home again to places like Kuwait, Canada, Holland and England, UK.

We will plan your admission for you, liaising with the treatment provider making sure that everything goes according to plan, that the rehabilitation centre is properly registered with the Department of Social Development and meets all acceptable standards. And the best thing is that our service costs you no more than if you’d approached the centre directly!

Your enquiry will be handled in complete confidence by experienced alcoholism and drug addiction counsellors who know the treatment centres personally.

Often addicted people minimise the consequences of their addiction, this is a natural part of ‘denial’.

People who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs use defence mechanisms like justification, rationalisation, humour and deflection to protect themselves from the awareness of just how severe their addiction has become.

This process is mostly unconscious. The addicted person is not to blame for their illness.

However, a critical part of the primary care addiction treatment process is to help patients take responsibility for their own behaviour, both past and present, and to look at what changes they need to make in the future, so it’s by no means a holiday camp without difficult challenges.

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