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Depression Treatment

Depression has several different forms which can be differentiated on the basis of their symptoms: how severe they are, how long they last, and how they are caused.

It is important for effective depression treatment that the correct diagnosis is made.

The staff of a depression treatment center will have a great amount of experience in discerning the exact nature of a clients depressive disorder and how to properly treat it.

Major Depression

The term “Major Depression” is used to describe a serious form of depression.

People with this form of depressive disorder will often , but not always, require hospitalization to be effectively treated. This is the most severe sort of depression and can be caused either by a traumatic life event or develop slowly as a result of ongoing personal disappointments.

There is some debate about whether this form of depression can occur solely as a result of brain function or whether it requires a cognitive component to trigger it.

Dysthymic Disorder Depression

A Dysthymic Disorder is a depressive disorder that has a low to moderate level of depression and lasts for a long time (two years or even more).

The symptoms of this depression are less severe than those of major depression but are more resistant to treatment. Dysthymic disorder can develop into major depression.

Dysthymic disorder can influence a range of behaviour and not just a persons mood – low energy levels, insomnia, anorexia (a loss of appetite and not the eating disorder properly known as anorexia nervosa) and low self-esteem are often present in people with this type of depression.

People with a dysthymic disorder are usually able to function in their daily life but will feel depressed every day.

Psychotherapy is an effective form of depression treatment for dysthymic disorder, and medication can also assist. An inpatient depression treatment clinic will be able to provide you with full psychological and psychiatric screening.

Reactive Depression

People who are feeling depressed as a result to stressful life events are said to have an “adjustment disorder, with depression”.

This is also referred to as “reactive” depression. Because this form of depression occurs in response to a particular life event or situation cognitive-behavioural therapy is an effective form of depression treatment.

A strong emphasis on helping the person discover how to cope with the situation helps to address this depression at its roots. Sometimes it is enough just to help the person realize that there is a solution to the problem – the hope that they can get better helps this form of depression to lift.

Unspecified Depression

“Unspecified depression” is the term used to describe cases where a person shows enough symptoms to be considered “depressed” but not enough to make a firm diagnosis of any specific type of depression.

Bipolar Depression

A bipolar mood disorder has a component of depression and at least one “manic” episode.

At the moment there is strong research evidence to suggest that there are genetic links to this disorder. It typically begins when the person is a teenager or young adult and persists for a long time if left untreated.

Because it is episodic it is often not diagnosed which results in people suffering needlessly. One problem with bipolar depression treatment is that people sometimes don’t comply with their medication. The “up” parts of the bipolar disorder actually feel very pleasant and the patient may stop taking the medication in order to prevent it from interfering with their enjoyment.

It is fairly common for people to abuse drugs and alcohol during their manic episodes.

Depression Treatment in South Africa

Depression treatment in South Africa is effective in accurately diagnosing and treating this family of psychological disorders.

You will discover that the favourable rand exchange rate makes luxury treatment cost the same as European options. Many people are flying to South Africa to take advantage of the world class treatment standards.

Let us help you to find an effective depression treatment program, contact us today.

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