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This alcohol treatment clinic is part of a group of new treatment centres across the UK exclusively aimed at treating alcohol dependence. Specialising just in alcohol addiction offers the chance for group treatment to be with people with the same illness, and this is preferred by many alcoholics as there is greater empathy. They have successfully treated many hundreds of alcoholics.

Alcohol treatment in North East

This alcohol treatment centre uses fully qualified therapists and counsellors, and many are themselves in recovery or have had first-hand experience of alcoholism through friends or family members.

Residential alcohol rehab in Yorkshire

The facilities at these rehab centres are excellent with both single and shared rooms, as well as a huge garden.

The therapy program is based on the 12-step programme, with cognitive behavioural therapy, individual and group counselling. The 12-step programme offers guidelines on how to live life in recovery so that the need to drink no longer rules your life. This is one of the most successful and widely used types of therapy programs, and has worked for very many people.

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We Do Recover can assist you in selecting and making contact with this residential rehab treatment centre located in Yorkshire, or other suitable addiction treatment centres in the UK.

Using our advisory service to determine which residential  treatment centre best meets your needs cost no more than if you’d approached the treatment centre directly and sometimes we can even arrange discounted rates.

Call now and get the free advice of an internationally accredited addictions counsellor with 20 years experience in the field. Accredited through the and

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