Drug Rehabilitation Centres

December 10th, 2009

Drug rehabilitation centres provide out-patient trreatment services as well as in-patient rehabilitation for people who have developed a drug addiction. These drug rehabilitation centres provide addiction treatment in the form of Understanding Addiction as a Brain Disease A 197x300 - Drug Rehabilitation Centrescounselling and learning activities to help people adjust to a life without drugs. These drug rehabilitation centres offer various types of alcohol and drug treatment programs which include twelve step facilitation in a therapeutic community, Christian addition treatment programs as well as other religious based rehabilitation, and medical model treatment.  The most common type of drug rehabilitation treatment is the 12 step method or variations of this.

For many drug rehabilitation centres, residents must be drug and alcohol free (apart from tobacco) although some will provide an initial medically supervised drug detoxification. Drug rehabilitation centres provide a structured programme of educational, psychological and social therapy, which aims at preparing the former drug addict to cope better with a drug-free  life back in society. The length of stay at drug rehabilitation centres varies in length from one to ten months.

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