Rehabilitation Centres

May 21st, 2012

Rehabilitation centres give people with alcohol or drug addictions a chance to regain their sobriety and reintegrate back into society.

At these rehabilitation centres, addicts receive specialised medical treatment and care in order to help them overcome their addictions.

There are various types of rehabilitation centres around, from religious based rehabs to community rehab; however the most popular one is the twelve step facilitation or Minnesota model treatment.

Each centre will however have similar guidelines that patients and the rehab will have to adhere to, such as all patients have to remain alcohol and drug free, treatment periods will vary between one and nine months.

Another requirement is that rehabilitation centres need to teach their patients the necessary skills on how to live a sober life once they have left treatment.

To provide a better chance of addiction recovery, studies have shown that people who reside and receive treatment in a rehabilitation centre have a better chance in recovery than those who receive outpatient treatment. Leaving the centre earlier before the minimum amount of days stipulated also increases the chance of suffering a relapse.

The recipe for choosing a successful rehab centre is finding one that will alter their treatments specifically to an individual’s addiction, one that will be disciplined and one that will play an active part in an addict’s therapy.

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