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Alcohol Rehab Centres That Work

Alcoholism is a part of our society that we cannot simply ignore. It effects not only those individuals who are addicted to alcohol, but also those close to them like friends and family, co-workers and employers. The negative impact on society at large is also evident through the alcoholic not being as productive as they could be, and potentially draining the system of excess resources.

Ultimately alcohol abuse and alcoholism effect everyone whether directly or indirectly. For very long alcohol addiction was considered by many as a self-inflicted condition that requires only the willpower of the alcoholic to recover. Since then we have gathered much more information regarding this condition, and today we realise that an addiction is as much physiological as it is psychological. This has led to many alcohol rehab centres changing their approach to the treatment of this condition, and today one can find a number of successful methods designed to help people regain control of their lives. As with the treatment of any disease, not all methods are equally effective, and not everything that works for certain individuals will necessarily work for all. Please call one of our alcoholism treatment coordinators today for help in finding the best rehabs.

Alcohol rehab centres can also provide out-patients or after-hours treatment programmes where patients attend group therapy, lectures and individual counselling after work and before going home in the evenings 3-4 nights a week.

This method of treatment has proven to be useful for binge pattern alcoholics and drug addicts. Other types of alcohol rehab involve patients being admitted to a rehab facility where they can undergo a more intensive treatment process. This may involve an alcohol detoxification before commencing onto the full time regime of group therapy, individual counselling and lectures about alcoholism and the best means to recover for you and your family. After this initial 3 – 6 week intensive Primary Care treatment process patients may continue further alcohol rehab at a Secondary Care or Tertiary Care rehab centre. These can be cost effective ways of extending an alcoholics treatment and giving them the best chance at a stable long term recovery. Attending AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings and other informal support structures while still getting the professional addictions counselling and continuing long term accommodation from the rehab facility is a good combination for staying sober.

Choosing a clinic is a tough call. There are so many options in the marketplace. What are the different alcohol rehab’s types and success rates? What is good clinical practice? What’s the food like? Are there exercise facilities available?

We are here to help you find an alcohol rehab centre that will best meet your needs. Our purpose is to bring clarity to the difficult treatment choices you have to make. We believe that with a combined experience of more than 20 years in the alcoholism rehabilitation industry both in South Africa and the United Kingdom, we’re ideally situated to help you choose a centre to best meet your needs. There are a number of things that influence this choice, including the severity of the alcoholism and the financial status of the individual. Most of our alcohol rehab centres offer additional counselling for family members or friends of the patient, in order to help them cope with the problem and also to teach them how to provide the necessary support for the individual in question.

We can help you in selecting and making contact with the top alcohol rehab centres in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

We can help you plan your admission and make sure that you are being admitted to a rehabilitation centre that is properly registered with the Department of Social Development and other relevenat bodies.

Your query is handled in complete confidence by experienced alcoholism counsellors who know the treatment centres personally. For more information on different treatment methods, facilities and how to reserve a place in the most suitable option, contact us today.

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