Rehabilitation Centres – Part Two

In the first part of our article on rehabilitation centres we discussed the quality of care versus associated costs for alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment in Middle Eastern countries, Europe and the United Kingdom.
We know that there’s a direct link between the length of treatment and the drug addicted patients ability to stay clean after treatment, so many patients choose to travel to South Africa or Thailand for high quality treatment at a lower cost and are thereby able to extend their time in rehabilitation centres.
We also looked at alcohol and drug detoxification. After you complete the detox phase and join the full treatment program you’ll be introduced to the “therapeutic community” – the other patients.
You’ll discover that the people there are very similar to you and have been through similar problems.  It is called a “therapeutic community” because the community itself becomes a vehicle of therapy enhancing the drug addiction and alcoholism treatment process.
Members of communities in rehabilitation centres will help each other by sharing strength, hope and experience.  They will also point out blind spots in your alcohol or drug addiction that you may not have been aware of.
By joining in the activities at the drug addiction treatment clinic with a sincere desire to find recovery you will be amazed at the personal transformation that occurs within your life.  Even though many people come to addiction rehabs “just to stop using drugs or alcohol” they find that the personal growth they experience is an unexpected reward. Rehabilitation centres will not just help you quit using – they will help you to reinvent your life.  This opportunity is something that recovering drug addicts and alcoholics are grateful for on a daily basis.
But how does this transformation come about?
For a start patients are assisted to examine their past.  While it may seem morbid to pry into the dark past it is only by coming to terms with your past that you can be free in the present.  Socrates noted that “a life unexamined is a life not worth living” which means that the process of coming to evaluate our lives adds meaning and purpose to our lives.  Rehabilitation centres can really help to provide a sense of meaning and direction that so many drug addicts and alcoholics are searching for.
When a group of people, the therapeutic community, focuses so much effort on personal betterment it is inevitable that the potential for dramatic change is created.  By working together in groups and even through casual chatting the members of the therapeutic community in rehabilitation centres are able to start exploring the experiences of others and gain perspective on their own lives.
It is this perspective and the freedom from your past that will help you reinvent your life and discover joy.
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired please contact one of our addiction treatment counsellors for expert advice on which rehabilitation centre is best going to meet your needs.

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